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Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer




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Price - £10.99


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Appearance - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★★

Usability - ★★★★★




iCandy says:


A durable and fun addition to bath-time which takes the guess work out of water temperature.

What's on the box


It takes the guesswork out of bath time, adds a flare of fun to the tub, and ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin can be kept safe from harsh temperatures. Cute enough to be your child’s favorite toy and durable enough to be your new best friend, this thermometer is also BPA-free and tested to the EN71 Standard, ensuring absolute safety.




Real world reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Ryan, who tested the Dreambaby Room Thermometer.

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First impressions of the Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer



"Fun aesthetic, feature packed for a thermometer, great as can be used in the bath as well."


- Ryan

"Cute with simple instructions."


- Jess

"Great fun value for money thermometer that’s simple to use, albeit more designed with bath time in mind (when comparing its features with other room thermometers)."


- Helen


How did the Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer make your life easier?




Easy to read

"I am able to have the temp of the bath checked every 10 seconds and it floats." - Jess

Easy to read

"Temperature comes up as a figure, which is very easy to read. Baby enjoyed playing with it as a toy in the bath. Easy to transfer from room to room."


- Ryan

"Great little bath thermometer that doubles up as a bath time play toy. Simple to use and the light indicators really help usability plus the fact it states half degrees makes it feel more premium (and actually very functional as we could aim for a temperature half a degree warmer than we wanted as by the time we’ve top and tail washed our baby boy, and then put him in the bath we knew that it would be the perfect temperature). My baby interacted with it a little but my toddler absolutely loved it (so much so we misplaced it a few times because she’d taken it from her room to play with after bath time!) so I can imagine as my 15 week old grows he’ll love and play with it too."


- Helen


Would you recommend the Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer?






Yes - good value for money and versatile.


- Ryan




I would definitely recommend for the safety feature of flashing green if too cold and red if too hot.


- Jess




Low cost easy to use and fun bath time thermometer, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


- Helen


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel were impressed with the premium feel, the attention to detail, and how the thermometer added a touch of fun to bathtimes. The durable build and reasonable price made it a worthwhile purchase for parents looking to take the guesswork out of bath water temperature, as well as those wanting a precise way to measure room temperature at night.

iCandy Recommends

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