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iCandy says:


A natural nipple balm containing organic calendula extract that is effective at soothing sore and dry nipples.

What's on the box


Developed with midwives and pharmacists, this fragrance-free nipple balm provides care and protection for sore nipples, cracked skin and chafing. Suitable for frequent use and safe for both mum and baby. Nipple Balm contains organic calendula extract that is home-grown organically in Weleda’s Derbyshire herb gardens to strict biodynamic standards and does not need to be removed before breastfeeding.




First impressions of the Weleda Nipple Balm



"The metal tube does feel quite medicinal, and it did have a smell to it that I wasn't too keen on. The product itself was thick and seemed to coat the area well."


- Lisa

"Nice packaging and squeeze tube however did not like the fragrance."


- Amanda

"The Weleda Nipple Balm comes in a tube and the packaging is simple and attractive, though more of a traditional style than My Expert Midwife. It's slightly messier to get out of the tube, as the balm is oil based so I found it leaked a bit after taking the amount required. The ingredients are again minimal and natural, though this balm contains more than the previous option. I found the texture again quite oily but a bit thicker. It took a little while to rub in and absorb into the skin, and the instructions do say to allow the nipple or skin to air for a while. Again, it's fragrance free and the natural ingredients mean it's safe to use for baby."


- Kathryn


How did the Weleda Nipple Balm improve your breastfeeding experience?




Easy to use

"Soft consistency and easy to apply, very effective and helped improve my cracked nipples." - Amanda

Easy to use

"The balm worked well on my skin and again the oily texture means your skin is kept soft and supple. I found it really moisturising and again minimal in terms of ingredients, so it helped me to feel confident that I was using a nice natural product whilst feeding."


- Kathryn

"Softened dry skin and coated nipples so they didnt feel sore."


- Lisa


Would you recommend Weleda Nipple Balm?






Yes. I did not like the fragrance of this product, however it’s good value for money and the actual product works.


- Amanda




Yes, the product was thick enough to coat sore nipples to stop from rubbing, and stop your nipple from drying and cracking between feeds. [I think they could] improve the fragrance of the product.


- Lisa




I would recommend this product, it helps sore skin but also provides protection against cracking so I think it really works. It's quite thick and I think it would be particularly soothing against any raw or sore skin. If I could improve one thing it would be for the balm to be slightly faster absorbing - although it's safe to use with baby, I felt i still had to wipe some of the oil away before feeding next.


- Kathryn


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iCandy Recommends

Our reviewers were impressed by the natural ingredients in this nipple cream and its effectiveness on sore and cracked nipples. Despite claiming to be ‘fragrance free’ our reviewers did notice a scent which they all felt could have been improved. Whilst the thick and oily formulation was soothing, it did prove to be a little too thick at times.

iCandy Recommends

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