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Nuture Nourising Skin Treatment Cream




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Value for money - ★★★★★

Effectiveness - ★★★★★

Usability - ★★★★☆




iCandy says:


A vegan friendly stretch mark cream presented in premium packaging that helps to keep skin hydrated and soft.

What's on the box


Formulated to help with stretch marks, this cream hydrates the skin and helps improve the appearance of both old and new stretch marks.




First impressions of the Nuture Nourising Skin Treatment Cream



"Packaging looks stylish and the cream is easy to apply from the pot. Lovely fresh fragrance and rubs in well."


- Lisa

"I really liked the packaging and smell of this product, however, I would rather it was in different packaging rather than a tub."


- Amanda

"The outer cardboard packaging of this cream, quite colourful and text heavy, is quite different to the minimal and clean aesthetic of the actual tub! I liked the look of this cream, particularly as it's made using natural ingredients and is vegan friendly. Whilst it does say it helps with the appearance of stretch marks, the cream can also be used as a general body moisturiser so is also really good for general use. There is a slight scent to the cream which I actually found to be a bit medicinal, though I couldn't quite place the scent I think it may be the almond oil. The texture is quite thick and creamy and it rubbed into my skin nicely and absorbed quickly, so it was easy to get dressed after application. This product looks attractive and would certainly look nice on a bathroom shelf - it looks like more of a high end skin product than the other oils, though I felt that the actual cream didn't quite match that look and to me, feels like more of a medicated moisturiser."


- Kathryn


Did you see any noticeable improvements to your scar and/or stretch marks?





"I noticed a minor improvement from using this product over two weeks on the stretch marks on my legs." - Amanda


"I used this product on my stretch marks as I didn't feel it was the right product to use on my c-section scar, preferring to use an oil over a thick cream. I didn't see any noticeable improvements but it did make my skin feel really soft and smooth, so I think if used for an extended period of time, it would make a difference to skin texture."


- Kathryn

"Skin looked healthier after use but no noticeable improvement yet."


- Lisa


Would you recommend Nuture Nourising Skin Treatment Cream?






Yes - good value for money and works on stretch marks. I would prefer pump or squeeze packaging though.


- Amanda




Yes, the cream was easy to apply and sunk into the skin well. I liked that it wasn't greasy.


- Lisa




I wouldn't recommend this product as a stretch mark or scar cream. It's a nice, thick cream which I think works better as a moisturiser. For me, it wasn't the right product to use on my scar. I did however really like the natural ingredients and the fact that this cream is certified vegan.


- Kathryn


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iCandy Recommends

Our review panel was impressed by the thick formulation of this stretch mark cream, although this was a slight drawback for our tester who had a c-section who felt a lighter/oil based formulation would have been better for her scar. The natural, vegan friendly ingredients were a positive and although the tub looked attractive on a bathroom shelf, a pump would have been preferred.

iCandy Recommends

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