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Mandala & Rose Natural Baby Gift Set Review




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Value for money - ★★★½☆

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Durability - ★★★★




iCandy says:


A natural, eco-friendly gift box containing baby bath oil, baby organic massage oil, wooden baby hairbrush, wooden bunny teether and ‘Hello World’ wooden disc. Presented in a kraft gift box, lined with tissue paper and sprinkled with flower petals.

What's on the box


This beautiful 100% natural eco-friendly vegan aromatherapy gift set includes our Organic Baby Massage Oil, our Sleepy Baby Bath Oil, a wooden baby hairbrush, wooden bunny teether and wooden Welcome Baby Disc.




First impressions of the Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Veeneeta, who tested the Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set

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"This gift set arrived beautifully packaged, I could immediately see the attention to detail that had gone into it. There was a beautiful aroma from the oils as you opened the box with lovely little touches such as dried flowers. Products all looked very natural and eco friendly."


- Veeneeta

"Good gift set. Lovely packaging"


- Toha

"This gift set was delivered very quickly. The baby massage oil and bath oil both smell very luxurious. The massage oil does not leave any residue after use. I like how these products are safe for use at newborn stage, as I remember when Emelia was first born I was anxious about using any oils or bath products in case it was not suitable for her skin. As a first time mum specific labelling, similar to the label on the bath oils, which states suitable for newborn was essential for me to know what to use at bath time. I liked the fact that the teether was all wooden and in the shape of a bunny to make it unique and different from other wooden teethers. Emelia loved the teether as she was able to hold the ring and bite down on the ears of the rabbit. We didn't get much use out of the 'Hello World' sign but think it would be perfect for a newborn photo."


- Leila

Does the Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set feel like a sustainable yet also luxurious gift set?





"Absolutely, the bath oil and massage oil smelt beautiful and opulent whilst the natural wood teether, hair brush and 'Hello World' sign felt simple and sustainable." - Veeneeta


"Yes it did."


- Toha

"Yes, I really liked the fact that all the ingredients are natural and that they are suitable for newborns"


- Leila


Would you recommend the Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set?






Yes I would highly recommend this gift set as it is something that mum and baby can both enjoy. The bath oils and massage oils were very relaxing to use and a lovely way to bond with baby. Aria has started teething and the wooden bunny is a perfect distraction and soother for her.


- Veeneeta




Yes. Massage oil and bath oil are excellent. My baby sleeps well after using the bath oil for sure. Teether has not been used as I found it to hard for my baby.


- Toha




Yes I would recommend the Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set to any expecting mums or for a newborn baby. I really liked the smell and feel of Emelia's skin after using the bath products. She had no reaction to any of the products which is something I always worry about. I really liked the fact that all the ingredients are natural and that they are suitable for newborns. When using the massage oil I only needed to use a small amount to complete the baby massage, usually I would have used coconut oil which didn't seem to last as well. The "Hello World" sign would be ideal for a new baby photo announcement to family and friends. The teether is my favourite part of the gift set and one of the best wooden teethers I have used. Emelia is currently teething and tends to bite her hand or thumb even when holding teethers as they are usually ring shaped. As the teether in the gift set is rabbit shaped, Emelia was able to hold the teething ring and bite the ears of the bunny.


- Leila


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iCandy Recommends

Overall, the iC Recommends review panel was unanimous in their feedback that the Mandala & Rose Natural Baby Gift Set is a great giftable. They were impressed by the simple yet effective craft packaging and felt the inclusion of dried flower petals was a lovely touch. The testers felt confident using the oils on newborn skin due to the natural ingredients, with one reviewer commenting her baby slept particularly well after using the oils at bath time. The inclusion of a ‘Hello World’ sign makes this a great giftable for a baby shower.

iCandy Recommends

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Mandala and Rose Natural Baby Gift Set is available from many high street nursery shops and online vendors including directly from Mandala and Rose via the 'shop now' button.



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