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Blossom and Bear Eco Baby Gift Box Review




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Price - £29.99


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Value for money - ★★★★½

Style - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★½

Durability - ★★★★½




iCandy says:


A neutral gift box containing a wooden teether, bamboo toddler toothbrush, bamboo baby wipes and tube of coconut balm.

What's on the box


An eco-friendly baby gift box which contains; beech wooden teether with organic cotton playbag, bamboo toddler toothbrush, a pack of bamboo baby wipes, and a tube of sustainably farmed Kokoso coconut balm for little skin. 


First impressions of the Blossom and Bear Eco Baby Gift Box?



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Toha, who tested the Blossom and Bear Baby Eco Gift Box

Action Play/Stop

"Loved the clean and modern design of the gift box. Contains a beautiful collection of both useful and well made natural products."


- Veeneeta

"The package is not luxurious. The gift items are useful and practical apart from the teether. My 10 month old baby doesn't like the wooden teether and is not eager to touch it may be due to its presentation or wood colour."


- Toha

"I was very impressed when this item arrived. The gift box looked very expensive and came in lovely packaging. Each item in the box was individually packaged and the teether came in a lovely draw string bag. The bamboo wipes are very very soft and come in a packet of 5."


- Leila


Does the Blossom and Bear Eco Baby Gift Box feel like a sustainable yet also luxurious gift set?




Sustainable & simple

"Feels very sustainable and simple. The reusable wipes are very soft and luxe however the other products have a more simple eco friendly design rather than luxurious." - Veeneeta

Sustainable & simple

"Yes. I really loved this gift set."


- Leila

"I would say it is in between sustainable and luxurious"


- Toha


Would you recommend the Blossom and Bear Eco Baby Gift Box?






Yes, I would recommend the products in the box. They are so useful. The bamboo cloth are the best, so soft that my baby skin does not get irritated with it at all. Also, my baby loves touching the tooth brush and trying to put in her mouth. The balm stick is highly useful as it does not leave my skin sticky or red after use.


- Toha




I would recommend buying this for someone who is highly eco conscious. The baby wipes although very soft are not the most practical and the coconut balm stick is useful however the cardboard design does not feel long lasting and cheapens the product. The teether has a great rattle design which Aria loved.


- Veeneeta




Yes! The wooden toy teething ring was a favourite of my daughter's. She tended to drop it less as it was also a toy and could distract her if she was upset due to her gums by making noise with the toy in the centre of the teether. The bamboo wipes were exactly as advertised 'super soft' I couldn't help but use them constantly. I definitely chose to use these cloths over any muslin or baby wipe to wipe away drool or a runny nose. I also used them in the bath, as a bath cloth, because they felt soft enough to use for any purpose. I also liked how the cloths stayed soft after washing. The baby soft balm is amazing. Emelia is teething and gets little dribble rashes when her teeth are particularly sore. The balm was great to have out in my bag and I could apply it as needed rather than waiting until the end of the day and having to include more lotions or balms in Emelia's bath time routine.


- Leila


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

The iC Recommends review panel all commented on the simple outer packaging of this gift box and whilst this gave it a fuss-free feel, it did not feel as luxurious at the other gift boxes. However, each individual item was well presented either in recyclable cardboard packaging or a reusable cotton bag, as per the wooden teether. The super soft bamboo wipes were the biggest hit, with the testers commenting on their great suitability for newborns – a perfect multi-use alternative to single use wipes which may irritate skin or as wash cloths at bath time.

iCandy Recommends

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