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Zacro Baby Car Mirror Review




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Price - £13.99


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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Style - ★★★★☆

Quality - ★★★★☆

Durability - ★★★★☆




iCandy says:


An adjustable acrylic mirror designed to attach to the car headrest. The mirror rotates tilts and swivels in order to ensure the most effective and clear view of baby.

What's on the box


Baby car mirror made of high quality acrylic, acrylic mirror allows safe shatterproof and durable use. Solid frame holds the mirror in place. Perfect gift for parents.


First impressions of the Zacro Baby Car Mirror



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Victoria, who tested the Zacro Baby Car Mirror

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"My first impressions of the Zacro car mirror were that it is very large in size for a baby car mirror. The mirror arrived in a small box with a user guide on how to set up the mirror. On opening the box I noticed that there was some set up required to be able to use the mirror. There is a protective film to be removed from the mirror and you have to attach the mirror to the adjustable hinge which allows you to change the angle of the mirror. This was quite a fiddly process but definitely worthwhile to get the right angle to view your child in the car."


- Amy

"The Zacro Baby Car Mirror is an extremely large mirror and we were concerned that it would be too big for our car. It fitted snugly against the headrest with the straps and worked well but it was a bit too big. It did, however, give an impressive clear view of our baby when we were driving and we were able to watch our little clearly and easily while he either slept or played in his car seat. It is not aesthetically pleasing but it does work well as a car mirror. Our little one was quite distracted by having such a large mirror above him and it took a bit longer for him to go to sleep than usual because of this. It appears to be a very durable mirror and we like the fact that it is shatterproof."


- Ciaran

"I initially thought that this mirror was actually going to be too large for the headrest in the car, however it was not and sat really well on the headrest. The adjustable straps on the mirror mean that it is likely to fit most rear headrests to assist parents with ensuring the safety of their babies while they are rear-facing. The fact this mirror is so large enables a clear picture, not only of baby’s head, but also their body, which is really reassuring while driving along. I also think that this product is really good value for money giving how large the mirror is. There is nothing I would change about this product."


- Victoria


Did the Zacro Baby Car Mirror provide an easy and convenient parental view of your baby from the driver’s seat?




Excellent view

"Once set up this mirror provided an excellent view as it is really wide!" - Amy

Excellent view

"Yes, it did provide an easy and convenient view of our little one."


- Ciaran

"Yes, I could see my little one clearly throughout our journey(s)"


- Victoria


Would you recommend the Zacro Baby Car Mirror?






Yes - I would recommend this mirror to family and friends; I have done already. This is because I think it is excellent value for money, especially in considering the price of other mirrors. This mirror is so simple to install and would fit a range of different cars due to the adjustable clips. The mirror is larger than most but continues to have the ability to change angles to ensure parents have the best view of their babies while driving to provide that reassurance of their safety or signals if they need any help. The mirror enables you to see all of the car seat, which is excellent for giving that view and reassurance.


- Victoria




Yes - We would recommend the Zacro Baby Car Mirror as it is durable, safe to use because it is shatterproof and it provides an impressive clear view of the baby in the backseat. However, we feel that it would be better in bigger cars as it looked rather cumbersome in our car. We had to adjust the straps once or twice on journeys as the mirror had slipped down and obstructed our view of our baby. It is useful though that the straps are adjustable which allows it to fit snugly against the headrest. It isn’t an attractive baby car mirror, however it is appropriately priced and works well.


- Ciaran




No - I wouldn’t recommend this mirror to other parents. Whilst I did like this mirror I think there are better options available both for the price and the quality of the mirror. I would happily pay a little more for this mirror to come with a more sturdy set up as it is quite fiddly to set up the adjustable hinge and could easily be broken. The plus for this mirror is that it is an excellent size and very easy to see your child once installed in your car.


- Amy


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel had mixed opinions on the size of this mirror, with one of the opinions that whilst the view it gave of baby was impressive it felt too big and cumbersome in their smaller car and is perhaps better suited to larger cars. Whilst our reviewers felt the initial set-up and ensuring the correct angle was achieved was a little fiddly, they all agreed that it was worth the effort to see such a clear and vast view of baby. Whilst not as attractive as other mirrors, it did tick all of the functionality and value for money boxes for our reviewers.

iCandy Recommends

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