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Taf Toys Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre Review




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Price - £28.48


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Style - ★★★★½

Quality - ★★★★½

Durability - ★★★★½




iCandy says:


This brightly coloured activity centre provides entertainment for baby in a rear-facing car seat via three hanging toys offering various textures and sounds, as well as a soft kick pad which emits gentle music and soft lights when kicked.

What's on the box


Keep baby amused when travelling with the Taf Toys Play & Kick Car Toy! This richly coloured play centre is specially designed to provide entertainment for baby when travelling in a rear-facing car seat. Three loveable hanging soft toys provide plenty for baby to feel and grab, including a jingle bell cloud, an adorable rattling owl and a baby-safe mirror, all of which will encourage baby to develop senses and fine motor skills. 



First impressions of the Taf Toys Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre



"The first impressions of this product are that it is a very cute design with the pastel colours and simple imagery. The steering wheel is a good choice of entertainment for young babies and they can learn the movement of this as they develop. It also enables the mirroring play which children love to do. While this is a product that is only suitable for forward-facing seats, I feel it is a toy that children will be able to return to as their development is ongoing and they learn new skills. The lights and sounds also gain and maintain the interest of infants."


- Victoria

"We really loved the Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre as not only did it provide great sensory feedback with the cloud and owl rattle and the little mirror, but it also helped our little one with the concept of cause and effect because he learnt that if he kicked the foot pad, it would play music. We loved hearing his giggles as he worked this out. It is a brightly coloured car toy with fun patterns, pictures and characters and our little one really enjoyed playing with it on car trips. It was easy to attach onto the headrest and stayed there securely."


- Ciaran

"I really liked the overall look and feel of the play and kick car toy! It arrived in very professional packaging showing off the dangling toys. I also really liked that this product includes musical element plus the foot toys in addition to the normal dangling toys you see with most products. It is full of bright colours and different types and textures of toys which any child would love. The car toy is really easy to install as it just clips to your headrest and then can be easily adjusted with the Velcro straps."


- Amy


Did the Taf Toys Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre keep your baby entertained while travelling in the car?




Loved the variety

"Yes, my son loved the variety of different toys plus the musical element of the activity centre." - Victoria

Loved the variety

"My child is not currently forward-facing, however he enjoyed playing with the toy outside of the car seat."


- Victoria

"Yes, it kept our little one happily entertained."


- Ciaran


Would you recommend the Taf Toys Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre?






Yes - I would recommend the car toy to friends and family as it enables babies and children to have a toy that enables them to copy their parents’ behaviour while driving, which will assist to keep them entertained, in addition to this, the lights and sounds which the product makes will assist in being able to keep children’s interest during car journeys to help keep them entertained for longer. I also think that using the steering wheel will help assist infant’s hand eye coordination, which would also have a range of benefits for children, as well as keeping them entertained during car journeys.


- Victoria




Yes - We would highly recommend the Play and Kick Car Toy Travel Activity Centre to other parents. It is an affordable product and offers a wide variety of ways your baby can play and have fun in the car. We loved the foot pad that played different tunes and our little one enjoyed working out that he could make the sounds by kicking the foot pad. He played happily with the cloud and the owl and enjoyed looking at himself in the little mirror. We also loved the background picture which was brightly coloured and fitted in well with the characters. We told many stories about owls flying in the sky amongst the clouds on car trips and our little one played happily.


- Ciaran




Yes - I would recommend this car toy to other parents! My only caveat would be that I would wait until your child is 2 months old or more. My son is currently 4 weeks old and loved the dangling toys but struggled to reach the feet toys as he is still quite small. I did press the foot toy when sitting next to my son so he could hear the music and he loved this. I think the car toy is great value for money with lots of different parts for your child to play with. The activity centre is of great quality and will last a long time.


- Amy


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Our review panel loved the variety of stimulation on offer with this toy travel activity centre, with the hanging toys providing plenty for baby to feel and grab, including a jingle bell cloud, a rattling owl, and a mirror. In addition, our reviewers loved the soft kick pad which plays gentle music and twinkles with light when activated. Although the activity centre is suitable from birth, the soft kick pad feature is not something that our 4-week-old tester could utilise, however, the fact that the toy adapts as baby grows was a feature that our review panel liked and one which justified the price.

iCandy Recommends

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