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 MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror Mirror Review




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Price - £14.99


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Style - ★★★★½

Quality - ★★★★½

Durability - ★★★★½




iCandy says:


A wide-angled mirror designed to help see baby clearly when in a rearward facing car seat, featuring adjustable straps.

What's on the box


Wide angle convex mirror. Enhance safety with full view reflection of wide angle convex mirror . Baby car mirror designed to help you see your baby when they are in a rearward facing car seat, without having to turn your head whilst driving .


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Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Amy, who tested the MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror

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"This car mirror was really easy to install and due to the adjustable lengths on the mirror fittings means that it would be suitable for a range of car models and sizes. The angles of the mirror is also able to change which assists in making the installation simpler, but also ensuing that there is a clear view of baby. The design ensures that baby is able to be seen through the driver’s mirror, enabling a quick glance to check that baby is ok while driving. I also feel the price of this product makes it really good value for money."


- Victoria

"The MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror is an appropriately sized baby car mirror and fitted in well in our small car. It provided a full, clear view of our little one when we were driving and it was reassuring to know that we could keep an eye on him when he was sleeping or playing in his car seat. It gave my wife the confidence to drive with him on her own as she could see him clearly. It was easy to install and has dual adjustable straps which prevented it from slipping down during car trips. We did however, struggle to remove the protective film before we used it. It needed a flap that could be peeled back easily."


- Ciaran

"I was impressed when I received the MONOJOY car mirror, when I opened the box I could see that the mirror was a large rectangular shape and wider than most car mirrors. The mirror came in a simple compact box with just the right amount of packaging to ensure the mirror doesn’t get damaged. The mirror comes with a protective film to ensure no scratches. I did find this a little tricky to remove but would still rather it came with it on it to protect the mirror. The mirror is a simple standard design meaning it wouldn’t look out of place in any car or for any child."

- Amy


Did the MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror provide an easy and convenient parental view of your baby from the driver’s seat?




Wide coverage

"Yes, the mirror is really wide so covers a large area and is also really easy to adjust the angle in any direction." - Amy

Wide coverage

"Yes it did."


- Ciaran



- Victoria


Would you recommend the MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror?






I would definitely recommend this car mirror to other parents; it is really good value for money. The mirror is easy to install and would fit in many cars due to its’ adjustable clips for the rear seats, this means it can universally fit many different cars without having to take specific measurements, which is a great time saver for busy families. The mirror provides a good view of baby to ensure their safety while driving along, which is essential to reassure any parent, who can take a quick glance in the driver’s mirror to check on baby while driving along.


- Victoria




We would recommend the MONOJOY Baby Car Mirror to other parents as it is a good sized car mirror and fits in well against the headrest. It gave us a good, clear view of our little one and we were able to drive with peace of mind, knowing that we could keep an eye on him as he slept or played in his car seat. The dual adjustable straps prevented the mirror from slipping down on bumpy journeys and was easy to install in the car. The mirror looks very durable and is an appropriate price. It is not very attractive looking, however it works well.


- Ciaran




Yes, I would definitely recommend this mirror to other parents! I think it is great value for money and a really good size. It is also really easy to install to your headrest with easily adjustable straps that will mean the mirror can be used in virtually any car. I also found the mirror really easy to adjust once attached to the headrest to find the perfect angle to view your child whilst you are in the driving seat. The mirror is really good quality and will last a long time.


- Amy


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iCandy Recommends

Our review panel loved the simple yet effective design of this car mirror, all remarking that it is good value for money. Larger in size than other mirrors they reviewed, it provided a clear view of both baby’s head and body. Whilst it was plainer and less visually appealing than other mirrors, with no entertainment for baby, it was effective at providing reassurance for parents. The adjustable, universal fit was a big bonus although two of our reviewers remarked on how tricky it was to remove the mirror’s protective film.

iCandy Recommends

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