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Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade Review




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Price - £12.00


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Value for money - ★★★★½

Style - ★★★★½

Quality - ★★★★½

Durability - ★★★★☆




iCandy says:


A double set of car shades featuring a vibrant safari scene that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike. Easy static cling installation, plus a drawstring storage bag is included.

What's on the box


The Mama Shack car sun shade is an essential for sunny days, shielding your baby from bright sunshine. Simple to put up and fold away in seconds, it's as easy to use as it is useful.



First impressions of the Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Ciaran, who tested the Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade

Action Play/Stop

"I thought the design of the safari themed shade was great; safari is a popular theme for babies and children now and I though this worked really well. This means the shades are aesthetically pleasing and well as having the functional benefits of them too. The shades are super portable and come with their own bag, which is really handy. The coverage from the shade however is not big enough to fully cover the rear window of our car, which is a shame as this leads to gaps where the sun could be on our little one, dependent on the angle, which questions the effectiveness of the product."


- Victoria

"My first impression of the shade was that the packaging is compact but also very nice to look at. I was curious about the small size of the packet but discovered when opening that the shades fold in on themselves when packaged. It arrived in a nice drawstring bag with the logo on. The shades have a lovely safari pattern on them which you don’t often see and great for kids! You also get two shades in the packet which is a plus. In addition to the drawstring bag the shades come with a small round carry case to store them when not in use."


- Amy

"We loved the safari theme and all the animals, especially since our little one is mad about animals. It came in a handy little pouch so it's easy to store when going away or when it is not needed, however it needs quite a bit of manipulation to fold it back into the pouch. It works well on larger windows, but it does not quite fit the smaller back windows of our car. This might be different for larger cars. It is easy to stick onto the window and doesn’t leave any sticky marks like some of the other window shades."


- Ciaran


Did the Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade ensure your baby was fully shielded from bright sunshine when travelling in the car?




Blocked sun

"Yes, the shade covered all of our car window and blocked out the sun from my son when in his car seat." - Amy

Blocked sun

"No, sadly there were gaps due to the size of the window and consequently our little one was not fully shielded."


- Victoria

"The Mama Shack safari shade didn't fit our back window properly as it was too big. We had to tuck it into the door in order to hold it up. This meant that every time we opened the door it fell out. However, it was able to shield our little one from the sun."


- Ciaran


Would you recommend the Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade?






No - If I knew someone had a smaller car and consequently rear windows, I would recommend these shades, they are portable, and their safari design is aesthetically pleasing. However, more broadly I would not recommend them owing to the shades not providing full window coverage and consequently this would not protect all babies and children. The shades also allow the baby/child to look out of the window, beyond the safari design enabling them to receive the entertainment of the outside world during the journey, with some of the protection from the shade. With the price of the product, I would also suggest that it is good value for money for those smaller windows.


- Victoria




Yes - We would recommend it as it is creative and stylish with the safari theme which we love, especially because we are from South Africa. It is easy to put up with very little effort and stays on the window. We were very impressed with how it sticks to the window with static. I wasn’t convinced it would work, but I was proven wrong. We never had it fall off once while using it, compared to some of the other window shades we tried which would normally end up falling down from at least one of the corners. Even though it didn't fit on the back passenger windows properly, we tested it on the front passenger window and it stayed on for the duration of the journey. We suggest that interested buyers check their window size against the size of the shade first before buying it.


- Ciaran




Yes - I would recommend the safari car shade to other parents! The shade has a safari pattern on which I think is lovely to look at for both adults and children. It is easy to install as it just sticks to the window with static. It is also very easy to store when not in use as it folds up into a circle very easily and can be stored in the little bag provided. You also get two shades in one pack which is great value for money.


- Amy


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iCandy Recommends

Our reviewers loved the fun safari design of these car shades, which helped to provide some in car entertainment for little ones! First impressions were great across the board thanks to the handy drawstring bag in which the shades arrived – perfect for keeping other things organized in the car or to pop the shades back into when not in use. Whilst some of our reviewers experienced an issue with the size of the shades, the manufacturer does offer a small or large option and recommends checking car window measurements prior to purchasing. Overall, an effective sun shade that is easy to install and reposition thanks to the static cling attachment.

iCandy Recommends

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Mama Shack Safari Car Window Shade is available from many high street nursery shops or directly from Mama Shack via the 'Shop now' button.



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