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Price - £11.99


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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Style - ★★★½☆

Quality - ★★★★☆

Durability - ★★★½☆




iCandy says:


Designed to stretch over and around the window, these sunshades cover both the inside and outside of the glass. Two sunshades arrive in one box.

What's on the box


These car sun shades are the perfect way to keep glare out of passengers eyes on car journeys. This pack of 2 stretchy fabric sunshades fit over most car door shapes, blocking 70% of UV rays whilst the mesh fabric does not obstruct the view. Car windows can still be opened and closed.



First impressions of the LittleLife Sun Shade



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Victoria, who tested the LittleLife Sun Shade

Action Play/Stop

"I initially thought that these shades were not going to fit around the car window, but they did and this meant that the rear window got complete full shielding from the sun. The shades were really easy to install and just slipped over the windows, I also thought it was beneficial that the windows could be opened during the car journeys. The shades also meant that my little one was able to still see what was going on through the windows, but it was darker in the rear of the car because of having both shades on, which I found really helped when wanting to encourage baby to sleep during longer car journeys."


- Victoria

"To be honest, we were quite underwhelmed when we first opened the LittleLife Sun Shade. We were not sure if it would fit on our car window as we had to stretch it quite a bit to cover the window. We were worried that it was going to tear but managed to get it over the window. Once it was on, we did not have to worry about it falling off as it was very secure and we were still able to open the window with the shade on. It is not an attractive looking sun shade, however it worked well to protect our little one form the bright sunshine and we were still able to look out of the window with it on. As the shade covers the door, it is exposed to the elements and so I am not sure about the longevity of the product."


- Ciaran

"The shade arrived in a compact box with images on the front to show how the shade works. These are the traditional shades that fit over the top of your car window rather than sticking on to the window. I really liked this design and thought it was very straightforward and easy to attach to the car. I was also really pleased that the box comes with two shades inside. The ability to still be able to open and close the window is also really beneficial for those hot sunny days!"


- Amy


Did the LittleLife Sun Shade ensure your baby was fully shielded from bright sunshine when travelling in the car?




Snug fit

"Yes, it does shade our little one from the sun and we don’t have to worry about it falling down as it sits very snugly on the window." - Ciaran

Snug fit

"Yes, it shielded our little one well."


- Victoria

"Yes, the design of the shade being stretchy and going over the top of the window rather than sticking to ensures that the window is completely covered and blocks the sunlight."


- Amy


Would you recommend the LittleLife Sun Shade?






Yes - I would definitely recommend these shades to friends, but urge them to ensure that the product would definitely fit their windows before they throw away the receipt. I feel the shades really reassuring in providing the full shielded from the sun which is undisputed given that they cover the whole window by design. The added benefit of providing a darker environment which we have utilised to encourage nap time if an added benefit to these shades. I really like the ability of being able to keep the window open as we are traveling, as this is not a possibility with some of the shades.


- Victoria




Yes - We would recommend the LittleLife Unisex's Car Sun Shade as it is an affordable product. It covers the whole window and there are no gaps for the sun to get through. However, it is susceptible to rain, wind and sun on the outside of the car and so we are concerned about how long it will last. We did not have to worry about it falling down as it stayed securely on the window, however we struggled to get it on in the first place and had to overstretch it to fit it over the door. Interested buyers should check the size of the shade against the size of their door before buying. We would recommend that some patterns be added to the design of the shade to make it more fun for children and attractive to look at. It would also be helpful to have a small pouch to pack it away into for when it is not needed or for travelling.


- Ciaran




Yes, I would definitely recommend this shade to other parents! For just over £10 you get two shades which I think is great value for money and I would anticipate the shades lasting a long time as well. As the shades are stretchy and fit over the car window I also found them very easy to install and they would be suitable for many different sized car windows whilst still ensuring that the entire window is covered. Being able to still open and close the window is also an excellent feature!


- Amy


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iCandy Recommends

Our review panel was unanimous in their feedback that this double pack of large sunshades is great value for money. As the sunshades stretch over the entire window they provide ample protection from the sun, with one reviewer noting that the shades also made the back of the car darker, therefor encouraged car naps. The installation process was relatively straight forward and the windows can still be opened with the sun shades in use. Whilst our reviewers felt these particular car shades are not visually appealing, they all felt the shades did the job at shielding baby or child from the sun.

iCandy Recommends

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