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Grow with Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym Review




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iCandy says:


A multi-use activity gym that offers 3 different possible set-ups. From the monochrome play arch for newborn sensory to the colourful playmat for stimulating tummy time and the ball pit for older play, this product grows through different developmental stages.

What's on the box


Age range from 0 Months+, an activity gym and ball pit in one - perfect for Infants, Babies and Toddlers! 30 colourful balls store inside turtle's head, 4 linkable soft Plush Sea Pal Toys included, 3 Ways to set up the Activity Gym.




First impressions of the Grow with Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Georgia, who tested the Grow with Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym

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"Even from first look of this activity gym, it looks so much fun! I knew my baby was going to love it straight away. It's a 3 in 1 so there [are] different ways you can use it, which is great for entertainment factor. On first impressions I can see it has lots of fun things to play with: there are toys hanging from the arch, colourful balls, and lots of patterns and colours for him to look at. It also looks very safe due to the soft material used, and [due to the walls is] contained so the balls would stay in and also he wouldn't be able to roll out which is nice for a parent to know their baby will stay safe. It was very easy to assemble, it only took me a few minutes to put together, and all attachments are completely child friendly."


- Olivia

"My first impressions of the Grow with Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym was 'Wow!'. This is by far Albie’s favourite play gym that he's used since being born. There is so much to the play gym that would attract all aged babies. It was so easy to put together and very self explanatory. On the arch of the play gym there’s different colours to help stimulate their brain as well as coloured animals for them to play with. The fact that the balls can be sorted in the animal's head as well is great for newborn babies in case you didn’t want to have playing balls around them yet - they're sorted away neatly and part of the play gym still. I also love the fact that the arches can be removed and it can just be used as a ball pit when your baby gets older and doesn't want to be lying down anymore. "


- Georgia

"It looks like there is lots for Margot to explore - the fun and vibrant sea characters are really cute. I like the black and white sensory print along the activity frame and around the edge of the tummy time mat. There's lots of tummy time stimulation on the printed mat. Really easy to assemble. I like that the sides can go up and down really easily. The quality of the product is ok. The fabric feels cheap but looks like it would be easy to clean. I like the ball pit element and can see Margot playing with this past the age of 1 which is great."


- Sally


Did the Grow with Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym keep your baby stimulated and entertained?





"Margot interacted with the hanging toys the most, she enjoyed reaching for them and handling them." - Sally


"Yes, he absolutely loves it. Due to there being lots of elements to the activity gym it really kept him entertained. He loved the toys that hang from the arch, and also found all the balls very exciting and tried grabbing and kicking them."


- Olivia

"Yes, this play gym does keep Albie entertained and stimulated. He loves going in this play gym. He is just learning to hold items at the moment so the main thing he loves it looking at is the different colours in the arch as well as the animals. He loves touching and grabbing the animals in front of him. "


- Georgia


Would you recommend the Grow With Me 3-in-1 Baby Activity Gym?






I would definitely recommend this. From a parent point of view it's lots of fun for our babies, with all the colours and patterns it keeps them entertained for a long time. It is very safe, it's made from soft material and the soft mesh sides mean it keeps them contained knowing you can let them play happily. My baby absolutely loves the play gym, and at the moment he can't sit up, but when he can, it will be the perfect play area for him to play in surrounded by the balls, as you can take the arch off and just use it as a ball pit. I also love the fact there is a compartment for all the balls so if you did want to move it, you can do so easily and all the balls won’t fall out.


- Olivia




I would 100% recommend this play gym to other parents. It has everything that would keep any baby entertained from newborn. I also like the fact that it has the netting around the sides so that you know if you put your baby in there and they've just started to move they aren't going anywhere bar the play gym itself and will be safe from other things. Another reason I would recommend to other parents is because of the fact it's got so many fun things for them to look at - the ball pit, the hanging animals and sensory arches.


- Georgia




I would recommend this product especially if you have a sea theme in your nursery. I loved the theme element and we were able to make noises and make up stories for the toys, which made it more interactive for myself and Margot. Left to her own devices she really enjoyed reaching and handling the toys and as there is enough room for her to roll over - she could roll into tummy time and explore the printed mat. I like that the sides can go up and down and it was really easy to assemble. I also like that it has the ball pit design, which she will start to enjoy more over the next few months and into her first year.


- Sally


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

A big hit with all families on the review panel, this play gym ticks all the boxes. From the plush hanging toys to the colourful play mat for stimulating tummy time and the mesh sides for a ball pit option, this activity gym really does grow with your child. Our testers loved that there were so many configuration options and that the mesh sides could either be up or down, with the ‘up’ option proving particularly useful for babies on the move! The fact that the balls for the ball pit are included from the get-go and can be easily stored in the turtle’s head when not required, was a bonus for our testers.

iCandy Recommends

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