Tiny Wellies Reviews the iCandy Raspberry

Tiny Wellies Reviews the iCandy Raspberry

Mum and Blogger Malgorzata Starzewska, aka Tiny Wellies, recently put the iCandy Raspberry to the test in her home city of Southampton. Malgorzata was after a lightweight and compact stroller that could navigate busy streets, whilst also ensuring little Dexter was comfy and content and the iCandy Raspberry ticks all the boxes – here’s what she thought…


Say hello to the latest juicy addition to the iCandy family – the Raspberry, the smallest and lightest pushchair in their range. The Raspberry is a nimble city pushchair, designed with modern families in mind.


First Look

Just like all the other iCandy products,  the Raspberry is oozing quality and style. Although small, the Raspberry feels solid and well built, none of the plasticky feel you get with some lightweight buggies. Every single detail is designed to look beautiful, be practical and last you year after year.


The Hood

Raspberry’s canopy is one of the largest I’ve seen on a lightweight pushchair. With a built in pop-out visor and extendable hood it offers great protection from the elements. Once the canopy is fully extended you can hardly see the seat unit. Perfect for some privacy during nap time. Dexter can be quite fussy and won’t sleep in the pushchair if he’s too exposed, but he happily sleeps in  the Raspberry – all nice and cosy in his little den. There’s also a big mesh panel to get the air flowing on those hot summer days!


The Seat

The seat is very roomy, nicely padded and shaped to offer maximum comfort.
It  reclines to a fully flat position and Dexter always looks very comfortable when snoozing.
The seat is easy to recline (just press the little handle at the back of the seat unit to adjust the position).
Another great thing is the included seat unit elevators – I found them absolutely fantastic when out and about – it’s so nice to have Dexter close to me to talk to, show things we see on our family walks and interact with him, not to mention a higher seat unit means less bending for me! You can use the seat unit with or without the elevators (all photos in this review are showing the seat unit without the elevators – check our Instagram to see photos of the elevators in use).



Let’s talk shopping baskets. I like the sort that swallows all of your essentials for the trip and still has space for the groceries. I never travel light and having decent storage space really matters to me.
Unfortunately with most compact buggies storage space is very minimal. With Raspberry there’s no need to compromise – the basket is huge and very easily accessible, even without the seat elevators in place. I’ve also noticed that you can lift up the leg rest to access the front of the shopping basket if needed.
Additionally, there’s a zip up pocket at the back of the seat unit for small items like your mobile phone or keys.



I love the look of Raspberry chassis – the shiny chrome looks very stylish and the shape is pretty unique, making this pushchair really stand out. The handle is fully adjustable to fit parents of any height.



PU tyres offer a smooth ride and effortless pushing. One of the most amazing things about Raspberry though, is the suspension – again it’s something you don’t normally see in small pushchairs. We’ve tested the Raspberry on pretty bumpy streets and it did so well, I was really impressed. This pushchair is truly small but mighty.



The simple folding mechanism allows you to fold your pushchair in a flash – just press the little button on the left side of the chassis and firmly push in the handle – the pushchair will collapse and lock itself. Once folded the Raspberry is also freestanding. When unfolding you hold the handle and while pulling step down on the foot plate, it’s so smooth and easy even when holding your child.


The iCandy Raspberry is a brilliant city pushchair and for me it ticks all the boxes. Seriously I’d struggle to find anything I’d like to change about this pushchair. There’s no what if’s or but’s – the Raspberry is pretty perfect just the way it is.

The compact fold makes it a great choice for families with small cars, limited storage space at home or travelling on public transport a lot. I can imagine it would also make a great pushchair to take on holiday too!

The outstanding suspension means it’s great for pushing on most surfaces.


And if you like the look of the Raspberry and are considering purchasing there’s a fantastic offer live on the iCandy website right now where you can get a travel bag and a newborn pod when you buy the Raspberry pushchair!


iCandy Raspberry was kindly gifted to review, all opinions are my own.

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