The iCandy MOT

The iCandy MOT

Freelance journalist Neha and her husband have always loved to travel and when their first-born Rayan arrived in 2016, they wanted him to share the same experiences and see the world as a family. The Peach All Terrain was the perfect pushchair to take on their adventures and they put it though its paces across Europe and Asia. From the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia to the cobbled streets of Biarritz, the Peach All Terrain proved its worth and travelled effortlessly across the globe.


After years of adventures in his Peach All Terrain it was time for Rayan to take on the world on foot and his pushchair was lovingly stored away, all set for a potential future addition.


Baby number two arrived earlier this year and the futureproof iCandy pushchair was welcomed back into the family fold. Before taking on the first adventure as a family of four, it was important to Neha that the pushchair had a health check to give her complete peace of mind that her beloved pushchair was still the family’s trusted travel companion.


Neha decided to make use of the iCandy MOT service so that her pushchair could receive some expert TLC. The pushchair was collected and brought to iCandy HQ where it was put through its paces in a rigorous pushchair safety test that meets and exceeds European Standards.


During the MOT, the iCandy team tested the restraint system, braking devices, stability, structural integrity, strength and durability of attachment devices.


Whether you are using your iCandy for a second or third child, have inherited your iCandy from a friend of family member or maybe you’ve purchased it second hand, book your pushchair MOT for complete peace of mind. Plus, if you decide to go ahead with any of the recommended works, then you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on any spare parts or accessories that are purchased while your pushchair is still at the iCandy service centre. So, it’s the perfect excuse to refresh baby’s pushchair with new fabrics such as a Duopod or liner.


To see the process in action, we’ve put together an informative video which showcases Neha’s Peach All Terrain MOT…

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