Style and practicality in perfect harmony:   ‘The Bag’ from iCandy

Style and practicality in perfect harmony: ‘The Bag’ from iCandy

iCandy stands for iconic British design, beautiful materials and inspired detailing. And as well as being master crafters of the definitive pushchair, we’ve been working artfully to perfect the changing bag, too.

This year’s range of iCandy changing bags delivers on striking design and quality of materials, while seamlessly integrating all the practicalities of a changing bag. The range is tactile, attractive and multi-functional. There’s a bag for parents, professionals and partygoers, for day, night, autumn or spring.

At iCandy we’re not afraid to think and design differently, to offer something different to parents across the world. And the ingenuity with which we approach pushchairs extends to our bag collection, too.

Why should a changing bag be a purely practical item? Why shouldn’t it be stylish, too? We’ve taken the notion of a traditional changing bag and turned it on its head, bringing a dash of glamour to the drudgery of nappy changing, creating a range that is vibrantly coloured, vivaciously spirited, and as fashionable as it is functional.

iCandy, today, is making waves in the fashion landscape. We’re not just about answering the needs of modern parenthood. We’re about making modern parenthood look and feel good. And with its gorgeous fabrics, inspired designs, colour-matching opportunities and relevance to both mums and dads, the iCandy bag collection drives the nursery sector in new directions – priding itself on practicality, but never, ever at the expense of good taste.

It’s a collection that combines style with purpose, functionality with a little bit of fun. And one that reminds us that modern parenting can – and should – be as fashionable as it is fulfilling. This year marks the launch of an all-new iCandy ready-to-wear bag collection. And it’s going to bring a vibrant, stylish splash of colour to modern parenthood.

Practical, adjustable and fully customisable in colour, The Bag collection combines classic British craftsmanship with a contemporary spirit. Available in the universal colourways of Black, Grey, Green, Blue and Biscuit, with sumptuous, textured fabrics that match the fabrics in the current iCandy pushchair range, The Bag brings new meaning to the word ‘bespoke’, and is an answer to the endless individuality of iCandy parents.

Match your bag to your pushchair, your pushchair to your bag, or your entire ensemble to your current mood: the Bag is a beautiful, versatile vehicle for self-expression. But it also adheres to all the requirements of being a parent. Large yet structured, with an easy wipe clean surface, useful exterior zip pockets, elasticised end pockets, roomy interior, adjustable shoulder strap and integral changing mat, The Bag offers all you need in one smart, striking design. And once a part of your parenting repertoire, you’ll never look back.

A thoughtful update to the classic silhouette, the bag is a large, structured changing bag designed to hold all everyday essentials. The colour matching iCandy bags retail from £95.00 and is available to buy from the iCandy World store and iCandy stockists. The bag truly is the perfect accessory to compliment any iCandy pushchair. 

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