Pushchairs and Travel Systems for Tall Parents: Everything You Need To Know

Pushchairs and Travel Systems for Tall Parents: Everything You Need To Know

Are you above average height and finding it a tall order to find the perfect pushchair? Fear not, fellow tall parents! We've got your back, or rather, your baby's back. In this iCandy blog, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about pushchairs and travel systems designed with taller parents in mind. 


Shopping for a Pushchair as a Tall Parent: What to Look Out For 


Adjustable Handle Height


Standing tall and proud? Your pram should too. Look out for a pushchair with adjustable handle heights. It's not just a convenient feature; it's a game-changer for tall parents. No more hunching over or awkward wrist angles – The iconic iCandy Peach 7  is just one of iCandy’s many models that features adjustable handlebar heights from 95cm to 105cm perfect for partners of varying heights. 


Seat Unit Elevators 


As well as the handlebar extension, it’s also good to have the option to be able to adjust the seat in order to bring your baby higher up and closer to you. For tall parents, this will mean you don’t have to bend so low whenever you need to reach your baby. Plus, your baby will have plenty of leg room and won’t be kicking the basket underneath if they’re tall like their parents! 


Weight and Size  


Not all pushchairs are built the same; some are heavier and wider than others. All-terrain and double pushchairs will be heavier than single or compact pushchairs. Tall parents may be able to handle these larger pushchairs without a problem but consider how often you’ll need to lift your pushchair when it's folded: putting it into the car boot or carrying it up the stairs, for example. We advise checking the pushchair weights on our website here.  


Wheels and Tyres 


The position and size of the wheels are also something to consider, especially if you have a long stride. However, usually pushchairs with larger wheels such as the iCandy Core bring up the position of the rear axle giving you more room for kick space.  


Comfort and Style 


It's one thing to find a pushchair that's compatible with your height but it's another thing for it to be comfortable for the one who's sitting in it – your child. Features that promote comfort include soft and luxury padding, extendable canopy hoods to block the sun and puncture proof PU tyres for an ultra-smooth ride. It's worth considering this, especially if you plan to use your pushchair very often. Needless to say, it needs to be comfy for you too. Features like leatherette adjustable handlebars and built-in suspension will help with this. 


Our Best Pushchairs for Tall Parents 


iCandy has curated a collection of pushchairs that stand tall in every aspect. From the iCandy Peach 7 to the innovative iCandy Core, all iCandy pushchairs feature an ergonomic leatherette handlebar that allow you to easily adjust the height to suit you perfectly, making it a dream come true for tall parents. Prepare to discover the pushchair of your dreams. 


Our Best Travel Systems for Tall Parents 


Because we believe in going the extra mile, iCandy pushchairs are available as a complete travel system, including optional car seat.  


Navigating airports, city streets, or scenic landscapes – we've got the perfect travel companions for tall parents. Say goodbye to travel woes and hello to seamless adventures with your little one. 


Embrace the tall life, and let's roll into parenthood with style and comfort! 

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