Musings on Motherhood-Lucey Barclay

Musings on Motherhood-Lucey Barclay

iCandy is delighted to be collaborating with real life mums to bring a series of motherhood musings to the iCandy Life Blog in celebration of Mother’s Day! The iCandy MiChair is at the centre of many family homes and our third guest blogger, Lucey, shares her Mother’s Day plans around it, fuelled by chicken Caesar salad and an 80's movie...


Mother's Day for the Barclays


My name is Lucey Barclay. I live in Camden London with my husband onepoundmeals chef Miguel Barclay and our little boy, Charlie who is 19 months old.


Mother’s Day is very important to me, it’s a time to be thankful for my own role as a mother and also to remember my own mother, who sadly passed away just after Charlie was born.


Mother's Day is so special to me as it remind me to think about how lucky I am to have Charlie and to be thankful for him every day. I also like to spend some time reflecting on how lucky I was to have such a wonderful mother, and to remember all of the amazing times that we spent together. I remind myself to do my very best to make Charlie’s childhood as happy, exciting, fun and as loving as she made mine. If I can manage that they I know I’ll have done OK.


A perfect Mother's day for me would be a nice lie in, followed by a family brunch where I shall feast upon a ‘Vegas Croissant’ which is a large croissant with eggs, bacon and cheese inside. We had it in Vegas on our honeymoon years ago and its so wrong, but also so very right (it’s a strictly once a year indulgence). After that a walk in the park, a play on the swings and then home for a facial sheet mask and a glass of wine accompanied by a chicken Caesar salad and a decent film (preferably from the 80’s as they are shorter - I hate too-long films - basically if it’s over 100 minutes I’m not watching it). Perfect.


When it comes to the perfect Mother's Day gift, this year its got to be hand sanitizer? Just kidding. I love to buy and receive flowers as my mother was a florist and it reminds me of her. Charlie might also buy me some cake or a scented candle as well (if Miguel slips him a tenner) I’m an absolute sucker for both of those things! Cake and candles make me very, very happy indeed.


Our family and the iCandy MiChair


I wanted to get involved in iCandy's Mother's Day campaign because as a new mum the iCandy MiChair has been invaluable to our family. We love to eat together and Charlie loves to try new food (it’s always easy to tell what he likes and dislikes as the latter will end up on the floor when we aren’t looking.


The MiChair plays a part in our family time by allowing us all to sit at the table together and enjoy a shared meal at our own pace.


I found it also has really helped Charlie’s eating habits,as well as helping him in regards to using cutlery as he imitates myself and Miguel using ours. It’s great to be able to try out new foods with Charlie in the MiChair as it is so easy to keep clean! He has a habit of dropping little bits but it’s no problem at all with the removable and easy wipe cushions.



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