My iCandy Style - Heritage

My iCandy Style - Heritage

We are very proud to finally unveil the first tale behind our #MyiCandyStyle Peach marketing campaign. Today we will focus on the concept of Heritage and the first of our four iCandy parents. To find out more about the MyiCandyStyle campaign, please click here

iCandy Heritage

We are a fourth generation family business, established in 1933, London. We’re proud of our heritage – we owe so much to our fashion credentials that were laid down by our Grandfather Charles Appel in 1930s London.

This foundation has allowed us to explore the latest in fashion fabrics, trends and incorporate this into our core designs, blending cosmetics with world-renowned engineering.

Now in its fifth generation, our iconic Peach has undergone its most significant change since its conception. Only three components have remained the same, leaving a virtually all-new design that takes both style and functionality to new heights. But we’re even more proud that we’ve been able to help parents give their child the very best start in life. Our pushchairs are a celebration of the beauty of life, and the journey of love and joy that a baby brings.

Family Business

Heritage is a large part of life at iCandy, as a family owned business it is hard not to spot the DNA of the family ownership, the heritage within the walls of iCandy HQ. You cannot escape the feeling of a being at a company with humble fashion beginnings in London, which has since gone on to reach over 85 years of evolution, and reach the top of the luxury pushchair market. The CEO's of iCandy can still be seen day to day within the halls of the building, rarely missing a day and still having an active role in the development of iCandy pushchairs. Meanwhile, the new generation of the family have already started working their way through the business and are making their own mark on the iCandy legacy.

Heritage is an important part of life at iCandy, it is a fundamental consideration in the design of the Peach pushchair, a symbol of our brand ethos. In order to represent the heritage of the iCandy Peach, we wanted to find an individual who was also ingrained within Great British Heritage and success.

My iCandy Style- Alex Gregory MBE

Alex Gregory MBE, 2x Olympic Gold Medallist Rower, Team GB is the example of an iCandy parent who personifies the ideals of Heritage. As an athlete in a typically British sport, he represents the very notion of heritage, from his lifestyle in the countryside, to working as a team member of the famous rowing team that won Gold, Alex and Heritage is a logical fit. Alex selected the Peach pushchair with an indigo colourway and a satin frame. With its understated frame finish and regal blue fabrics, its a pushchair which is a visual representation of heritage.  The satin frame is fitting for an Olympian athlete, someone who has trained intensely for a number of years, and been part of Great British heritage and success.

Alex Gregory lives with his family in the countryside. Being an Olympic rower, he is a regular at the Heritage hotspot of the acclaimed Leander Club in Henley-on-Thames. Furthermore, Alex frequently uses his pushchair for countryside walks with his family and needs a stroller which can deal with the rigours of his outdoors lifestyle. Alex is a committed family man who is currently writing a book about his adventures with the family, aptly named the "Dadventure". The Peach is the perfect complement to the lifestyle of Alex and his young family thanks to its effortless manoeuvrability, unrivalled suspension, and elegant class. To take inspiration from Alex Gregory and replicate his iCandy Style, please visit John Lewis, as this is a colour and frame option exclusive to the world renowned retailer.

[Rowers] try to have the best equipment around us, and that is exactly the same for life as a parent. You want to be using the best tools to get in and out of the house, and around the shops, and out on country walks - wherever you go.

- Alex Gregory MBE

Next up we will be focusing on our next iCandy personality, a person who has once again selected their very own iCandy style, an individual who represents the concept of Style.

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