The iCandy Raspberry Television commercial- Behind the scenes

The iCandy Raspberry Television commercial- Behind the scenes

The new iCandy Raspberry stroller is now available to purchase from the iCandy store, featuring over 50 changes to the previous model, the new Raspberry buggy is the ultimate urban stroller.Complementing the arrival of the new Raspberry pram is an exclusive television advert, which follows the story of a young iCandy family. The advert was shot in October last year and was drafted by the in house team at iCandy. The primary concept behind the advert was to demonstrate the ease in which the Raspberry can be used in urban surroundings, a testament to its tagline ‘Own the City’.  This is the story behind our first ever television advert.

'Own The City' The New iCandy Raspberry from iCandy World Limited on Vimeo.

Inspiration behind the 'Own The City' television advert

With the colours of the iCandy Raspberry pram being inspired by iconic London locales, choosing a relevant location for the advert was quite simple. We wanted to capture city life for parents around the world, London was the perfect place to shoot our inaugural television advert. A city apartment was decided upon for the family home, simply showing how easy the Raspberry can be used different types of accommodation.

The ‘Own The City’ commercial opens with a misty, morning shot of London town with the 02 arena & back-drop of Canary Wharf recognisable within the distant skyline. The camera then peels away to reveal a father & son marvelling at this wonderful backdrop from the comfort of their city apartment, located in the Greenwich docklands area of the capital.

iCandy CEO and Head of Marketing discuss the advert

The ultimate urban stroller

We then see the young family of three reach for their passports as the trio prepare for their first  holiday.  The parents place baby Noah into the seat unit of the Raspberry buggy before hitting the vibrant streets of Brixton market in order to gather a few last minute items for the holiday (even taking the time to buy baby Noah a toy for the flight).  Throughout the market scene, note the presence of the unique iCandy elevators, these are invaluable as it allows the child a greater sense of adventure, and means the pushchair can be used as a highchair. The agile nature of the pushchair ensures the Raspberry navigates the hustle and bustle of city streets with considerable ease. The streamline footprint of the Raspberry also allows the family to enter a little café for a spot of lunch, and with loving exchanges and a sense of excitement taking hold, they take the time to research the local cuisine of their holiday destination Milan.

The models behind the iCandy Raspberry

The family then return to their city apartment where they prepare the final packing arrangements. Being escorted by a recognisable black cab; we then share their journey through the well-known streets of London as they make their way to Stansted airport.  We again see how easy the pushchair is to manoeuvre through a busy departure lounge, and the ease in which you can travel with the Raspberry.

An iCandy first

The new iCandy Raspberry is currently being promoted in a 30 seconds TV Commercial across the Sky network in the United Kingdom. The advert will be streamed into the households of over 17,000 pregnant families, who will each see the advert on average of 8 times. The commercial will encourage the viewer to visit the iCandy website in order to find their local stockist and discover the Raspberry in person.

The crew work on the TV advert

In order to create such a slick and informative television advert, a considerable team was put in place to ensure production went smoothly during the two day shoot. The concept behind the commercial intended to demonstrate the various different functional aspects of the iCandy Raspberry, and underline its usefulness to a family.

Cast and Crew

A special thank you to Clearhead Media, the production company behind the video, their tireless work resulted in this highly polished television advert. Clearhead media are a production company based in Bedford, they were chosen for their expertise and the added benefit that they are a local business. In no particular order we would like to give a special thanks to the following crew members…

  • Alex Lawrence - Director
  • Craig Spenceley - Co-Director
  • Leon Willis - Director of Photography
  • Elliot Tomkins - Producer
  • Sam Debock - Assistant Producer
  • Greta Zabulyte - Photographer
  • Connor Hutton - 1st AC
  • Mimi Orere - Wardrobe Stylist
  • Dan Delgado - Key Make-up Artist
  • Hannah Birdle - Hairstylist

Also, no advert would be complete without our wonderful iCandy models, mother Sabine Kviste, alongside Phil West who played the father. Meanwhile, a very special shout out to Baby Noah who plays a starring role in the advert. Finally, special praise must be reserved  for Noah’s mother Ella, who was on hand at all times to comfort little Noah throughout the shoot.

iCandy models The Raspberry television advert has now gone live, we would love to hear your thoughts on the advert via our Facebook, twitter, and YouTube social channels.

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