iCandy Orange - Ready from the Get-Go

iCandy Orange - Ready from the Get-Go

The feature packed iCandy Orange is ready from the get-go thanks to a combination of impressive features that are designed to make family life easier. Plus, with a coordinating changing bag and Duo Pod included, you can tick everything off the list. Get set and go with confidence knowing all basis are covered, from an integrated Ride-on Board to a super spacious 64l basket and full travel system capabilities in between, none of which compromise a compact fold. So, the pushchair is ready for every developmental milestone but how about you? Well, this practical and informative guide breaks down the pushchair set-up, from single mode to double mode, so you can put together your iCandy Orange efficiently, ensuring you're ready from the get-go...






Take our quiz to find out how the iCandy Orange can fit your family’s lifestyle!

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