iCandy Orange - Ready for Adventure

iCandy Orange - Ready for Adventure

Optimised tyre tread? Check! Smooth suspension? Check! Removable wheels for easy cleaning? Check! The iCandy Orange may be all set for a big off-road adventure, but what about the family? Sometimes getting out for some fresh air can take a little encouragement, so we have put together some ideas that will help to get everyone on the move!


Don’t let routine get in the way


Thanks to the iCandy Orange, a family adventure doesn’t have to come at the expense of baby’s routine. With a carrycot that’s suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, as well as a changing mat included in the iCandy Orange backpack, you can rest assured that nap times and changing times can remain on track.

iCandy Orange Carrycot

iCandy Orange Bag

Be prepared for excess baggage


Utilising the backpack option of the changing bag also frees up the 64l iCandy Orange basket, so if you predict that little ones coats will be discarded during the adventure and many a treasure collected on route, then you know there is optimum space remaining. Plus, with an integrated Ride-on Board that can hold up to 20kg, tired little legs won’t stop the fun and a little one can simply hop on without any fuss and without impacting your stride.

The iCandy Orange Basket

The Bailey Family using the iCandy Orange Ride-on Board

Coffee to Go


Enjoying a hot drink may be a past time for many busy parents but a big walk is the perfect excuse to use an iCandy travel cup to enjoy your favorite drink at its optimum temperate! A great alternative to single-use plastic options, using the iCandy travel cup means you’re not only doing your bit to help reduce unnecessary waste but the treat of creamy hot chocolate or freshly ground coffee will elevate a simple walk.

Coffee to go!

The iCandy Travel Cup

Nature Spotting


Setting a fun activity before heading out will create a sense of adventure for little ones. Get out and about on your own family adventure with the Little Nature Explorers Bug Hunting Kit. With bug ID cards and a bug magnifying pot included, it’s a great way to get hands on with nature in the British countryside. Wildlife Watch also has a whole host of free ‘spotter sheets’ which you can download and print off for your budding nature detective. 

Get hands on with nature

Little Nature Explorers Bug Hunting Kit

Keep Hunger at Bay


Exploring is hungry work, plus a delicious treat is a great incentive for parents and children alike to reach the end destination! Graze on the go with a Well Good Vegan Snack Box which contains delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy, from tangy worms to crunchy pretzels.

Well Good Vegan Snack Box (Image Courtesy of Well Good)

Vegan Tangy Worms (Image Courtesy of Well Good)



Take our quiz to find out how the iCandy Orange can fit your family’s lifestyle!

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