Growing up in tandem

Growing up in tandem

When we last heard from our wonderful twin blogger Katy, the ark had just moved to pastures new.

When we last heard from our wonderful twin blogger Katy, the ark had just moved to pastures new. The ark metaphor used by Katy refers to the fact that her family have arrived two by two. We catch up with Katy and the rest of the family now that they have settled in to their new home, eagerly awaiting the adventures of 2017 

I started 2017 with the usual clichéd fitness goals but my success levels so far are best illustrated by the fact I ate a left over Christmas pudding while waiting for my berry smoothie mix to defrost! I have, however, switched my boots for trainers and attempt daily laps of the park post school run.

The little twins have graduated from their iCandy carrycots to seat units and eye me suspiciously as I feebly lunge off a park bench, they are enviably cosy thanks to their iCandy liners and snuggly footmuffs, but look as relieved as I feel to be parked up in a coffee shop for a snack by midmorning!

Despite my intention to squeeze more squats and lunges into my life I am glad that I am not spending the school run picking up blankets that have been kicked off - the footmuffs stay securely zipped up and are such a generous size that I can tuck their little arms in too, which is useful given the boys refusal to keep mittens on!

At nine months Aubrey and Austin love sitting up in their iCandy Peach Twin to watch the world go by. The seats make fantastic al-fresco high chairs so feeding them on the go is hassle free, and the basket under the pushchair is perfect for storing emergency food (for all of us!).

Life with two sets of twins is not for the faint hearted but of all the daily challenges getting from A to B isn’t one of them; the Peach Blossom Twin is so easy to steer that I can push with one hand and catch up on caffeine or calls with the other. As increasingly inquisitive and mobile mischief-makers, I try to get as many jobs done ‘on the go’ with one hand as possible while they are safely confined to their iCandy!

Our stylish pushchair gets nearly as many compliments as our children – and rightly so! People are often impressed to see us manoeuvre our twin pushchair easily in and out of lifts, cars and the aisles of the library (where we happened to park up next to my ‘Twins’ book which was a fun coincidence!).

It won’t be long before Aubrey and Austin are walking and, given that I am already nostalgic for the teeny tiny days where they were little enough to be snuggled up in their iCandy carrycots, I am determined to savour the days my youngest twins are still small enough to be pushed around in style. With that in mind I am looking forward to Spring and pushing our Peach Twin Primrose around in the sunshine, when I will have a first birthday to plan!

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