Family Adventures with the NEW iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain

Family Adventures with the NEW iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain

Are you ready to embark on family adventures with style and comfort? Introducing the iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain, a pushchair that combines urban style and off-road functionality. Designed for parents who crave a harmonious blend of outdoor exploration without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics, the Peach 7 All-Terrain is your ultimate companion for every journey. 


Unleash The Spirit of Adventure 


The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is engineered to handle any terrain. Whether you're navigating city streets or tackling rugged trails, this pushchair excels. Its modern performance fabrics are inspired by utility street fashion, offering durability, water repellence, and breathability. These materials protect against the elements while ensuring your baby’s comfort. The sleek design, adorned with sporty touches, guarantees you'll stand out wherever you go. 


Stylish and Functional 


Available in the stunning Storm colourway, the Peach 7 All-Terrain features a deep grey fabric with reflective accents on Nimbus, a satin slate grey chassis. This edgy aesthetic transitions seamlessly from outdoor escapades to urban settings, making it perfect for any adventure. 


From Birth to Toddler 


From day one, the Peach 7 All-Terrain supports your parenting journey. It comes with a luxurious fleece-lined carrycot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, approved by The Lullaby Trust. This ensures your baby has a safe and snug environment from birth. As your child grows, the pushchair adapts, accommodating up to 25kg. The included car seat adaptors make transitions between car and pushchair effortless, adding to its convenience as a complete travel system. 


Versatility for Active Families 


This isn't just a pushchair; it’s a versatile solution for active families. The Peach 7 All-Terrain can easily switch from a single to a double or twin pushchair when in four-wheel mode, all without increasing its footprint. Whether you're strolling along narrow coastal paths, navigating rocky ridges, or exploring forest floors, this pushchair's stability and adaptability shine through. Its urban aesthetic ensures it fits in just as well on city streets. 


Innovative Features for Ultimate Convenience 


Packed with innovative features, the Peach 7 All-Terrain offers a one-handed seat recline with four positions, a multifunctional water-repellent, and UPF 50+ canopy, and an adjustable leatherette handlebar to accommodate partners of different heights.  


Its multi-wheel functionality allows parents to choose between three or four wheels, providing unparalleled flexibility for any adventure. The pushchair also offers parent and world-facing seat configurations and includes elevator adaptors* for enhanced interaction. In world-facing mode, you can elevate the seat unit with iCandy’s classic roll-up and dine feature, perfect for meals on the go. 


*To be used in four-wheel mode only.  


Perfect for Growing Families 


For families with a newborn and a walking toddler, the optional Peach Ride-on Board is a game-changer. Designed for the Peach 7 All-Terrain when in four-wheel mode, the innovative board holds up to 20kg, giving tired toddlers a stable platform to stand on. This feature ensures that the whole family can enjoy outings all together!  


Experience the Adventure 


The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain is more than just a pushchair; it’s an invitation to explore the world with your family. With its blend of innovative design and thoughtful functionality, this pushchair transforms everyday outings into exciting adventures. Experience the difference and elevate your family’s journey with the Peach 7 All-Terrain.


Ready to unleash the spirit of adventure in your family? The iCandy Peach 7 All-Terrain awaits. 


For more information about the new Peach 7 All-Terrain, visit iCandy. 

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