David Beckham - iCandy Dad

David Beckham - iCandy Dad

Former Manchester United and England Superstar David Beckham this week celebrated his 41st birthday on Monday.

The footballing legend and cultural icon is arguably the most famous Briton currently alive. Known for his fashion sense, haircuts and charity endeavours, Beckham is able to appeal to a wide range of demographics. In celebration of this famous iCandy dads birthday, this week’s Throwback Thursday celebrates the emergence of the idol that is David Beckham, alongside a shot of him using the iconic Peach pushchair.

David and Victoria Beckham were one of the first celebrity couples to be spotted with an iCandy pushchair after the birth of Harper. The Peach has since gone on to become the choice for various A list celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson, who uses the iCandy Peach in twin mode. Sir Richard Branson takes advantage of the fact that the Peach can transform into a double pushchair and back into a single when required, meaning the pushchair can grow with your family. The award winning Peach continues to be the fashionable choice for parents around the world who are keen to experience the iCandy edge. The Beckhams are renowned as  world-wide trendsetters, their selection of the Peach underlines its status as the definitive luxury pushchair.

Happy Birthday David Beckham!

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