Dads' Club Workout Challenge - Week 1

Dads' Club Workout Challenge - Week 1

Welcome to iCandy Dads' Club!


Hello Dads out there!


After a few months chatting with the powers that be at iCandy I am delighted that we are now live.


How can I sum up the initial pressure of being a Dad? Well, having had this in my diary to write and send this copy over to the team at iCandy for about a month, I am actually writing it the night before it is due to go live with one eye on the baby monitor at 8.33pm with my wife already in bed sound asleep. So now, this is officially a late night for me!


But in week 17 of being a Dad, we (Team Mabel) must have been some progress, as in weeks 1 to 12 the mere thought of me having enough time to turn on the computer, let alone make sense for more than one paragraph of written English would be an outrageous dream.


But with the clock ticking towards 9pm when I will turn into a zombie, don’t worry, this won’t be the length of ‘War and Peace’. A quick read is a good read.



Meet Rich!

Meet Rich!



My name is Richard Tidmarsh and I am the Owner of one of London’s leading independent gyms, Reach Fitness ( If you are on the ‘gram you can find me at @RichTidmarsh


I opened the first site in Clapham way back in 2011 and now there is a second site in the mighty Earlsfield (that’s next to Wimbledon before you head to google maps).


If you are into your fitness, rugby, UFC or occasionally read Men’s Health Magazine you may have heard of me. Over the last 15 years I have trained the likes of England Rugby’s James Haskell, Welsh rugby legend Jamie Roberts, top ranked UFC Fighter Jimi Manuwa, Australian Rugby Captain James Horwill and some famous faces such as Professor Green. What do all the above have in common? They are all (or soon to be) Dad’s, and now, with the arrival of my daughter Mabel just before Christmas last year, so am I. 


I have quickly realised that being a Dad is simply amazing. With my job over the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to travel the World and do some amazing things. But there have been more incredible moments just in my kitchen with Mabel over the last few weeks that all of those memories from back in the day combined.

Rich and Mabel

Rich and Mabel


But, and if you are already a Dad reading this, you will know that being Dad is very VERY difficult.


Particularly if you want to be a good one, which I am sure we all do.


And that’s why iCandy and I have put Dad’s Club together, to talk frankly about the pressures of being a Dad and for me to provide you all with some ammunition to stay as fit as possible, which for me goes hand in hand with staying as sane (and happy) as possible which are obviously key factors in helping you deliver some good parenting skills.


I am coming your way with a Live Workout on Monday 9th at 5pm. It’s going to look a little like the below. Don’t worry if you are reading this and it makes literally no sense. I will take you through it on Monday and then you will have short and effective bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere and anytime (when you have some time that is!).




Workout 1


This is all about improving your movement quality and getting your body fired up to cope with the demands of managing a small human. I can Deadlift 200kg but the 24/7 demands of Mabel, who weighs less than 6kg, literally fried my body in the first few weeks of parenting!  


Round 1 (Repeat x 3)                                  

Crawl Walkout x 3                                          

Hinge x 5                                                  

Hinge W x 5                                               

Ape Hold x 10 seconds                                   

Gorilla Hold x 10 Seconds


Round 2 (Repeat x3) 

Can Opener Flow x 3/3

Overhead Squat x 8                    

Single Leg RDL x 4/4

Plank Tap x 6/6 


Round 3 (Repeat x 3)                                  

Reverse Prisoner Lunge x 6/6                        

Negative Press Up x 6                                  

Dead Bug x 4/4                                                   

Invert Table Top x 20 seconds                         


Round 4 (Repeat x 3)

Loaded Beast x 6

Isometric Hold to Jump Squat x 6 

Boat Hold x 20 seconds               

Hollow Hold x 20 Seconds






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