Celebrating Pride at iCandy

Pride begins with family 


At iCandy our essence has, and always will be ‘From our family to yours.’ We strongly encourage inclusivity and celebrate diversity amongst our colleagues, customers and communities throughout the world, regardless of how they identify, their race, religion or who they choose to love. 


We’re passionate about making iCandy a place where all LGBTQIA+ people feel they belong. As advocates of diversity, equality, and inclusion, we recognise the importance of fostering an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and accepted for who they are. This month, as always, iCandy stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, we embrace the values of love, acceptance, and respect that define the spirit of Pride. 


To our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, customers, family and friends, we proudly stand with you. 


“Family is my world and with two of my three children being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride plays an important part in our lives. Every person is different, and by celebrating Pride we can all embrace that uniqueness and give them the respect they deserve.  I was a very proud Mum last month when we celebrated the marriage of my daughter Helen to her girlfriend Krissie. 


Cath Needham, Head of Sales of iCandy 



“Unlike previous work environments where I felt hesitant to openly express my sexuality, iCandy has provided me with a remarkable level of acceptance. The support from my colleagues creates a safe and inclusive space where I can openly embrace my identity without the fear of being judged. I am proud to work for a company that not only supports me but works with many other LGBTQIA+ members and embraces who they are.” 


Zoe Wilkinson, Social Media and Content Executive of iCandy 



“iCandy is proud to be a sponsor of School Diversity Week in partnership with Just Like Us, as we ourselves are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community and our diverse extended family. We work with an increasing amount of LGBTQIA+ influencers, celebrities and parents and ensure they’re represented throughout our communications and platforms.”  


Martin Boyle, Managing Director of iCandy 



“Pride to me is a celebration of freedom to express my true self without fear of judgement or discrimination. It’s a powerful reminder that we should embrace and be proud of our unique identities. There’s still an ongoing fight for equality and acceptance, Pride represents the vibrant display of solidarity and support for the LGBTQIA+ community.” 


Alexander Appel, Creative Manager of iCandy 



“To me, Pride serves as a moment for our collective unity; embracing the spirit of family and celebrating progress. It also provides a platform to raise awareness about the persistent social inequalities faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals. There are members among my own family who belong to this community, and witnessing their journey towards self-acceptance and the freedom to live authentically fills me with immense pride and admiration. At iCandy, we are very much a family company, and we live and breathe the values of Pride, embracing all backgrounds, beliefs and identities.”


Bradley Appel, Joint CEO of iCandy



Our LGBTQIA+ family  


We’re proud to collaborate and partner with many incredible families, representing diversity and relationships bound by love. 


Our iCandy LGBTQIA+ family has grown over the years - from our long-term partnership with Doug and Sanjay, more commonly known as The Travelling Gays, to soon-to-be parents, Beth Fisher and Anita Asante who are expecting their first baby very soon!  


This year, new parents Ashley Glazebrook and his partner Liam Durbidge welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Tillie into the world and we could not be happier for them. Not to mention, the iCandy Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium 7 pushchair suits them perfectly! 


More recently we have connected with the inspirational Logan Brown, and we can’t wait to share his beautiful journey to parenthood and how he is navigating life as an empowered transgender man with partner and non-binary drag performer in the UK, Bailey Mills.  



Just Like Us 


This Pride Month, we will be showing our support for equality and promoting a more inclusive world by partnering with Just Like Us, the LGBTQIA+ young people’s charity that empowers LGBQTIA+ young people to champion equality and inclusion within schools and equips them, their teachers and straight/cisgender peers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make their schools more supportive places where everyone can thrive. This happens through three initiatives: 


  • School Diversity Week is their annual, UK-wide celebration of LGBTQIA+ equality in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges
  • Free LGBTQIA+ inclusive educational resources help make schools safer, happier and more welcoming places for all young people
  • School talks, a student-led Pride Groups programme, and our Ambassador Programme trains LGBTQIA+ 18 to 25 year olds to speak in schools about allyship.


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