#AbsolutelyFutureproof: The iCandy Orange Press Launch Soho, London

#AbsolutelyFutureproof: The iCandy Orange Press Launch Soho, London

Soho London set the scene for our very latest pushchair launch as members of the press and blogging communities came together to witness a very futuristic unveiling of the iCandy Orange. Greeted by a champagne reception and canapés, this was a pushchair launch accompanied by a futuristic premise featuring vibrant bursts of Orange throughout.

The inspiration behind this hi-tech launch stemmed from the very nature of the Orange pushchair, which boasts a number of revolutionary features for the growing family. It seemed appropriate to tailor a launch event around the concept of the future, especially since the pushchair’s tagline reads #AbsoutelyFutureproof. Thinking outside of the box is something iCandy pride themselves upon, and our approach to a product launch is no different. In what began as an idea within the walls of iCandy HQ, we began constructing the basis for a pushchair launch which would incorporate a virtual reality experience, and be like nothing else conceived by a nursery brand before.

iCandy Orange Orange Press Launch - London from iCandy World Limited on Vimeo.

With both a morning and afternoon slot to satisfy demand, guests were welcomed to the venue of 15 Bateman Street, a wonderful pop up store located within a vibrant area of Soho. There was a flurry of excitement as guests began to filter into the venue, especially when they spotted the VR headsets placed upon the orange chairs. Attendees had no idea what to expect as they placed the headsets upon their heads, with many experiencing virtual reality for the very first time. We then transported them into a virtual existence, using the latest technology to create a conceptual world, allowing them to envision themselves within the pushchair. Whilst inside the virtual environment, attendees could experience the sights a baby would see from inside the pushchair, with the ability to look around the virtual city. The intro ended with the tagline #AbsoutelyFutureproof emblazoned upon the screen, where viewers were then taken to the ‘configurator’. Once guests entered the configurator stage, they could cycle through the colours of the pushchair, flip it over, and move around it 360 degrees. What’s more, bloggers had the ability to zoom in and out of the fabrics, giving them full access to view every detail of the pushchair, no matter how small.

The iCandy Orange launch event

Having treated both press and bloggers to an alternative reality, it was time to bring them back to the real world, where iCandy’s Head of Product took centre stage to discuss the inspirations and ideology behind our latest creation. Condensing two and a half years into ten minutes was quite a challenge, but the key components behind the magic of the iCandy Orange were wonderfully explained, giving both press and bloggers an incredible insight into the Orange pushchair. Once the presentation had concluded, guests had the opportunity to push the product and master its combinations. Members of the iCandy team proceeded to give a demo of the product to the very keen onlookers, demonstrating the unrivalled functionality of the pushchair, with all 30 combinations captivating the audience. Guests were also delighted to meet iCandy’s official mascot for the Orange pushchair, appropriately nicknamed Jason Orange, who became a rather popular side attraction at the event.

The iCandy Orange virtual reality

With both the morning and afternoon events proving a success, we had one final spectacular surprise in the form of TV personality Anton Du Beke, who came along to the afternoon showing to try out the virtual reality experience and get to grips with the iCandy Orange. Anton and his partner are currently expecting twins and will naturally be making their journeys out into the world in their iCandy pushchair. Anton and his wife Hannah were a very welcome addition to a truly fantastic day, taking the time to greet all guests and posing for photos with the new iCandy Orange.

The iCandy Orange pushchair will be available from March 2017, but consumers can see it first at the forthcoming ExCel Baby Show where they will be able to place a pre order. Be sure to book your tickets today and visit the iCandy stand H20.

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