Your Questions Answered: The iCandy Cocoon

Your Questions Answered: The iCandy Cocoon

Introducing the iCandy Cocoon Child Restraint System. It’s suitable for both seat belt and ISOFIX installation, providing convenience and peace of mind for parents. Designed for babies from birth to 13kg, the iCandy Cocoon is i-Size compliant and features a removable insert for growing infants. With its unique handle design, rest assured that the seat securely locks onto your pushchair’s car seat adaptors, eliminating any accidental button presses. Using our trusted UPF 50+ rated fabrics and multi-position canopy for extra protection on sunny days, your little one stays safe and comfortable. Drive with confidence, knowing your little one is snug and secure in the iCandy Cocoon. 


What’s the RRP of the iCandy Cocoon? 


For price details including bundles please visit our iCandy website here or find your local iCandy stockist here. 


Can I mix and match any colour of the iCandy Cocoon with my iCandy Pushchair e.g. Latte iCandy Cocoon with my Peach 7 Coco Pushchair?


Our iCandy pushchair and car seat bundles are available in coordinating colourways. However, products can also be purchased separately if you prefer to mix and match. Please visit our iCandy website here for available bundle options. 


Will the iCandy Cocoon be available in Coco colour? 


This is currently not available. Stay tuned over on iCandy, iCandy (@icandyworlduk) • Instagram photos and videos for updates next year. 


Is there a rotating ISOFIX base that supports the iCandy Cocoon car seat? 


Whilst we do not currently offer a rotating ISOFIX base for the iCandy Cocoon, keep an eye out for something new and exciting launching next year!   

Does the iCandy Cocoon offer a recline functionality? 


The design of the iCandy Cocoon prioritises safety and ergonomic benefits. While it may not have a recline feature, it offers comfort and safe travels for your baby. 

The iCandy Cocoon base moves quite a bit; why is this? 


There will be a degree of movement when the ISOFIX base is attached to the ISOFIX points. If you're concerned about the base moving excessively, please ensure it is fitted correctly and safely following the user guide. Correct installation is critical for safe use of the product. 


Why does the car seat move so much on the pushchair? 


The movement on the frame is intentional and contributes to the overall suspension system, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience for your little one. Please follow our user guides to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely. 


Does the iCandy Cocoon offer a 360-degree rotating functionality?  


Whilst the iCandy Cocoon doesn’t offer a 360-degree rotating functionality, keep an eye out for something new and exciting from iCandy launching next year! 


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