Stay at Home with Rose

Stay at Home with Rose

Many parents are currently faced with the reality of homeschooling and the worry of meeting educational requirements as well as the challenge of keeping children occupied can seem like an overwhelming task. So, mum to 4, Rose, from @home_with_rose is the taking over the iCandy Life Blog to share her top tips on how to approach the whole thing, from implementing a routine to arts & crafts ideas.


A very big warm hello!


I'm Rose, you'll find me at my Instagram handle @home_with_rose chasing after my four little ones and hovering by the kettle making plenty of comforting teas in our pastel Victorian home. Despite being a stay at home mum, home schooling isn't something that comes naturally. But with a few changes to our routine, focusing on togetherness and most importantly understanding that there's no right or wrong way, I've put together some ideas on how we can make this time a little easier and hopefully make some lasting happy memories along the way.


Routines and Schedules


It’s important for us to have a routine – it’s helped me and the kids massively. It’s comforting to know what’s coming next and having a plan for Monday-Friday.


We've added in Joe Wicks' workout at 9AM as the kids absolutely love it and I also join in with them – it’s a lovely way for us to start our day.


We ensure we wake the children up at a reasonable time, get them dressed, work out and go for a walk.


After that we have a snack and do English or Maths. They also love Science, experimenting in this warm weather is really fun for them. It’s important to note that you can allow time for things to take longer and you can be flexible with it.


We have lunch and we give the kids ‘craft’ time and then I give them time to unwind to watch TV or play.


We follow the same evening routine as we normally would so dinner, bath, bed time are all at the same time as usual. Wine time is 8 o’clock!


It’s a real challenge for all of us home-schooling – especially if you have multiple children. On Wednesdays I give them a day off. This is a day for me to catch up with everything – and the children need a day to just enjoy themselves. Home for them prior to this was a place to have fun and relax so it’s important to let them have time to enjoy themselves.


At the weekend we do take things slower-slow mornings, later starts and we always have pancakes. Sunday is family time, we enjoy baking, going for a walk and also giving the children reminders that they need to be kind, and listen to one another. We’re all under one roof, and we need to respect one another’s space. For me personally, I find that candles, essential oils and music help me relax and changes my mindset on things. Having this structure is really working for us.


Arts & Crafts 


We do things such as observation and drawing. For example, we collected some items on our walk and then described them using words that begin with 'a e i o u'. Art, English and Science in one!


Each chose an item to draw and spoke about the wonders of nature and creation. This sort of activity is so up my street, give me art all day every day!


This Sunday, we did some Spring craft activities. All you need is:
Wooden pegs
Pastel Card
Gold card


Cut out some pretty flowers and leaves. We went for daisies and tulip shapes. Add green leaves with glue to the pegs. Then layer your flowers, the more creative the better! Add a little glitter with the gold card for the centre and you’re finished. We’re going to add blue tack at the back so we can put them around the house and display Easter cards this Spring.





I've had lots of requests via my Instagram page for this recipe for Easter- my banana and mini egg cake. It’s my classic banana bread recipe but i just adjusted the sugar and add more flour:



140g soft butter
140g caster sugar
2 large eggs
140g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 very ripe bananas, mashed
2 x handful of mini eggs (plus some to decorate)



1.     Cream the sugar and the butter until soft.
2.     Add 1 egg then a little flour. Followed by the other egg and the rest of the flour.
3.     Add baking powder
4.     Add in all the mashed bananas then fold in the mini eggs, the more broken the better
5.     Bake at 180 for 35-45 mins. Enjoy!


Staying Healthy


We're keeping snacks healthy with our favourite pink smoothie. A great way to get the kids helping in the kitchen and learning about healthy eating habits. Five ingredients, super easy and super yummy.


Handful of spinach
2 ripe bananas
Handful of frozen strawberries
Few fresh raspberries
Milk (we use oat milk)


Take care, love Rose x


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