10 Things To Know Before Weaning

10 Things To Know Before Weaning

I bet you are all thinking, how is it that my baby is ready for solid foods?! Maybe it feels as though you have only just mastered breastfeeding or juggling the 3am bottle prep, and now you’ve got to add in something else! Should I give purees, or shall I follow the baby led weaning approach? This can all feel overwhelming but with the right help and advice it doesn’t have to be.  


Hi, I’m Nicola from I Love Greens, I’m a BANT Registered Nutritionist with over 14 years of experience supporting people to grow their families. I'm a fertility, postnatal, infant allergy, and weaning expert. I have 2 young children, 2 cats, 1 dog, a husband and a business to run. Family life is busy, and because of this, I'm extra mindful to make meal times quick and easy as well as tasty and affordable!  



Weaning is a big deal, so here are 10 things to know before you start… 


Try not to read too much online! There is so much on social media about the “best” way to wean your baby and the information is not always correct, reliable or even safe - anyone can claim to be an “expert”! Before you start, find your trusted expert - this means a specialist dietician or registered nutritionist - like me! Joining The Weaning Hub is a great way to get all the information you need and live support to see you through the next 6 months. 


Get prepared with any equipment you might need. These are the things I used when I introduced solids to my own babies:- 

  • If you are making purees, invest in a good blender. Forget the baby specific brands, something like a Nutribullet is ideal. You can then use this for all sorts of other recipes such as homemade pesto. 
  • Pick up some bibs which cover your baby as much as possible, especially their arms! 
  • Cover the area under your highchair with a mess mat to catch any potential crumbs. Anything which falls onto it can be put straight back onto the highchair tray or table.   
  • Choose a sippy cup which is either open (try the Doidy Cup) or is ‘free-flow’ and doesn’t contain a valve 
  • Choose ergonomic cutlery that is shaped specifically for little hands to handle. 
  • Create a check list of all the different flavours and textures your baby is trying - it’s a great way to stay inspired and make sure they are getting plenty of variety. To help you, iCandy has produced this handy Weaning Checklist for you to download and print!


Stock up on essentials for your store cupboard and freezer, these are foods which will enable you to make a whole range of meals and snacks. Things like canned lentils, beans, tomatoes, and coconut milk. You can read more about my store cupboard essentials here. 


Choose a highchair which has a footrest, such as the iCandy MiChair. It really does help your baby to sit up safely and helps them to enjoy the eating experience. If they are slightly wobbly, then it is fine to prop them up with cushions or highchair inserts such as the iCandy MiChair Comfort Pack accessory. A footrest helps children to use their core muscles to sit up and also helps them to focus on the food rather than their feet. If your highchair doesn’t have a footrest, you can sometimes buy something separate to attach. 


Grab some flannels to help with clean-up!  It’s better for your pocket, the environment and your baby’s delicate skin than wipes. 



Don’t worry about portion sizes! There are no published guidelines for babies under 1 year old. Appetites vary hugely, milk intake will fall off at a different rate and coughs/colds and teething can all affect the transition to solids. Some babies will be eating purees and others will be eating finger foods (baby led weaning). 


Batch cook and freeze leftovers where possible.  If you are making purees, freeze into ice cube trays and then pop the cubes into a sealed bag. Just remember to label everything well. 


Make use of the freezer for things like muffins, savoury flapjacks, pancakes and porridge fingers. Freeze on a tray and once frozen, pop into a zip lock bag. You can then remove one at a time and they will defrost in no time. 


Remember to cut certain foods like cherry tomatoes and grapes to avoid your baby choking. Simply squish blueberries between your fingers and avoid whole nuts, marshmallows, hard sweets, popcorn, peanut butter by itself, ice cubes. 


Get a dog - they save a lot of cleaning up! 


I really hope you enjoy this new experience with your baby. And remember, do it at your baby’s pace, don’t compare and expect there to be plenty of ups and downs. 


For help with weaning and expert support from a registered nutritionist over 6 months, join The Weaning Hub. 


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