The Raspberry in Ibiza

The Raspberry in Ibiza

Jessica Jane Stafford and her Husband Lee have recently returned from spending some time on the island of Ibiza. The family brought along their iCandy Raspberry and reveal how they got on during their family vacation.

The packing for my Ibiza family holiday took longer than the 3 weeks we were actually there for. Now we have a toddler and a new born, gone are the days of 'passport, bikini, sun lotion… check! Now it's blankets, bottles, sterilisers, nappies, toys, snacks, and first aid kits....meaning the list of items took a day itself!

Then there were the buggies, this was the first holiday with the two kids and after plenty of toing and froing, we finally decided to take a sling for my new born, and the lightweight iCandy Raspberry pushchair for our toddler, Angel. We wanted something summery and bright, so naturally we selected the yellow lining and hood, the Sunflower flavour pack.

I'm not one for instruction booklets so I tossed it aside and within 5 minutes, I'd mastered it. It's the lightest and smallest stroller I've had so far, perfect for a summer holiday. And the first pushchair a taxi driver has been able to fold up and down without mummy coming to the rescue, result.

It wasn't until we arrived in Ibiza that we realised we'd left a suitcase behind...the kids suitcase! Only a bright fluorescent pink one. Luckily, between the cleaner, porter, Lee's brother, cousin and a £135 excess baggage fee, we managed to get it back!! Queue a celebratory glass of wine.

Day one and our new buggy had proven a huge success...We visited the 'Hippy Market', a notoriously difficult pebble covered market place that no pushchair can be pushed across. The Raspberry however glided around with ease and I even managed to nab a few bargains.

We hired a car for the three weeks in Ibiza so that we could travel around as much as possible and visit as many of our favourite restaurants, shops and towns as possible. The Raspberry was with us the whole time and withstood the sturdy test, after being put up, down, in the car, out the car, up hills, and down stairs day in and day out! I honestly thought for such a lightweight buggy, I was surely going to end up snapping it in half. This pushchair was indestructible, we were very impressed.

Having the reclining option on the Raspberry meant that Angel could have an undisturbed snooze in the evening, whilst Lee and I could have a quiet dinner together; with the comfort of knowing that Angel was sleeping next to us and not disturbing his bed time routine.

Picking the right pushchair for a holiday is crucial. The Raspberry was the perfect mixture of style, strength and lightweight materials. The bright colours helped it stand out amongst the sea of other buggies making their way across Ibiza. My little boy loved being pushed around and even sat in the stroller when he was at home. An added bonus is the travel bag, which is by far the best I've ever seen and used! Two thumbs up for the Raspberry, a definite must have for any parents travelling with little ones!

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