The Lullaby Trust – Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023

We are proud to be supporting our charity partner, The Lullaby Trust on their incredible Big Give Christmas Challenge. Find out more below and how your support can make a huge difference: 


Make double the difference to babies this Christmas 

Tuesday 28th November – Tuesday 5th December 2023 


What is the Big Give Christmas challenge? 


The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s largest match funding campaign, which will be running from 12pm on Tuesday 28th November to 12pm on Tuesday 5th December.  


Donations made to The Lullaby Trust via the Big Give website during this time will be doubled, for free, meaning that they’ll make twice the impact.  


How will supporting the appeal make a difference? 


There is a clear causal link between the risk of SIDS and social deprivation in the UK, with the cost-of-living crisis making accessing and following safer sleep advice more difficult. Many families in crisis or temporary accommodation may have no choice but to sleep their baby in an unsafe way. 


The Lullaby Trust’s new Bedtime Bundles project will provide families in emergency accommodation or temporary housing with a bundle containing a travel cot, baby sleeping bag, thermometer and advice leaflets. Families will then have a safe sleep space for their baby to use in their current accommodation and to take with them when rehoused.  


This project will not be possible unless we help raise the money needed to fund it.  


The Lullaby Trust have advised that £35,044 needs to be raised in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, which will be matched pound-for-pound by The Lullaby Trust to an incredible £70,088 by their generous Champions, to fund Bedtime Bundles in 2024.  


You can read more about the campaign and the impact that the money raised in the Big Give Christmas Challenge will have here:  

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