Muddy Adventures with the iCandy Peach All-Terrain

Muddy Adventures with the iCandy Peach All-Terrain

Modern lives demand modern solution, the days when travelling with your new born or toddler meant a walk to the shops or local park and little else are long behind us.


Parents expect to travel almost anywhere they choose with no distinction that the new addition to the family may alter or cramp their outdoor lifestyle. In fact quite the opposite, parents may well travel to areas they hadn’t done for many years, local parks, farms and adventure play grounds, wildlife parks, wooded trails and walks.  Strollers and prams have moved on hugely from the carriage prams of yester year, that couldn’t be used off road, even less, fit in the boot of a car. A stroller for travel is the ultimate necessity for adventurous parents. Strollers like the iCandy Peach All Terrain are built to travel and cover ground  seen as unsuitable for wheeled travel, large air tyres cushion the ride over rough ground and the three wheels track the ground well, keeping a straight course. The peach All Terrain is a beautiful 3 wheel buggy, one which is exceptional as an off road pushchair.  The Peach All Terrain is a foldable stroller, one with an extremely compact fold., so small that there is no thought of, “shall we take the buggy ?”, After the muddiest of excursions all wheels can be removed so as not to bring mud into the car or at least allow the wheels to be wrapped before putting in the pristine car boot.  3 wheel Strollers like the All-Terrain fold with all three wheels removed too, a great point to note on a 3 wheel buggy when traveling afar, even the smallest of cars can accommodate the stroller. The PAT is compatible with both carrycot and seat so can be used from birth to approx. 3 year old. All Terrain strollers are frequently designed in conservative colourways and designs, complementing their more practical design unlike some fashion statement products. An off road adventure also requires a sturdy stroller and this again is where build quality of the All-Terrain excels.

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