Everything You Need to Know About Prams for Newborns

Everything You Need to Know About Prams for Newborns

Planning for the arrival of your newborn can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, especially if it's your first baby. Among the many decisions you'll need to make, choosing the right pram or pushchair is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the options and find the best pram for your newborn. 


What are the Best Prams and Pushchairs for Newborns? 


When selecting a pram or pushchair for your newborn, several key factors should be considered to ensure safety, ease of use, and adaptability as your baby grows. 


Things to Consider 




Safety is paramount when choosing a pram, especially if you are considering a full travel system (which includes a compatible infant child car safety seat). Ensure your chosen car seat such as the iCandy Cocoon meets the latest safety standards and is compatible with your vehicle. Look for features such as ISOFIX bases, which provide a secure and straightforward installation process. Understanding what ISOFIX is and how it works can give you peace of mind that your car seat is installed correctly. 




The weight of the pram or pushchair is another critical factor. Lightweight options such as the iCandy Core can be easier to manoeuvre, especially in urban environments. However, it's important to balance weight with durability and stability to ensure your baby's comfort and safety. 


Ease of Use 


Consider the ease of use of the travel system. Test driving options at your local stockist can help you understand how easily the pram manoeuvres and adapts to different terrains. Features such as a simple folding mechanism, an efficient brake system, and adjustable handle heights can make a significant difference in daily use. 


Longevity and Adaptability 


A pram that grows with your family can be a more economical choice. Convertible pushchairs that adapt from a single to a double are ideal for growing families. The iCandy Orange 4, for instance, is single-to-double ready out of the box, making it a versatile option. Look for travel systems that include essential components like a frame, carrycot, seat unit, and car seat. The carrycot is especially important for newborns, offering a safe and comfortable space for them to rest. 


Our Expert Says 


Ryan Griffiths, a father of two and Engineering Manager at iCandy, shares his insights on what to look for when purchasing a travel system: 


"As a parent, ensuring the safety and comfort of your newborn is crucial. At iCandy, we design our products with these priorities in mind, incorporating features that provide peace of mind and adaptability to suit your lifestyle.  


For example, all iCandy products go over and above the required safety standards including tensile strength or fabric durability and weight capacity. All pushchairs must be capable of carrying 22kg but iCandy has increased that to 25kg. Similarly, iCandy offer an incredible 5 Year Warranty on all pushchairs, not to mention a 10 Year Warranty on the iCandy MiChair!”  


iCandy Parents' Experiences 


Aisha and Marcus 


Aisha and Marcus found the iCandy Peach 7 to be the perfect fit for their newborn.  


“We hugely appreciate the carrycot, which has been approved by The Lullaby Trust, to provide a safe sleeping environment for our baby. The spacious basket size and adjustable handle heights makes it convenient for our daily needs.”  




Choosing the right pram or pushchair for your newborn involves considering safety, weight, ease of use, and adaptability. By focusing on these factors and learning from the experiences of other parents, you can find a travel system that meets your needs. With iCandy's range of high-quality products, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your growing family. And what’s more, every iCandy pushchair comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting peace of mind for parents. 

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