Dads' Club Workout Challenge - Week 6

Dads' Club Workout Challenge - Week 6


Hello Dads out there!


The final week is upon us.


And that can only mean a tough workout that will live long in the memory is coming your way. We will be building on the last workout, adding some new challenges to each section of what you have been working on, for some extra spice, even in the warm up 😊


I will be demonstrating the movements in the final live chat on Instagram, where after a weekend trip to take Mabel to visit the grandparents, you will notice I am moving like a 94 year old.


What can I say, Dad life has caught up with me! 


A monster drive with numerous breaks for Mabel time, months of intense lifting/carrying/cuddling her and about 7 hours of stress per day, and boom, my back gave up on me this morning leaving me in a heap by the front door as we were about to embark on the 5 hour trip back to London. Ideal! 


What can I say, over the last 6 months I have found out that being a Dad is both physically and emotionally tough!


But as myself & the members of Dad’s club chatted about on the week 4 live, it is great to know that we aren’t alone, and that you can actually speak to other Dad’s, admitting your frailties and celebrating those parental wins!


I hope you have enjoyed Dad’s Club as we round things up in an exciting week as we head towards Father’s Dad on Sunday, which will be my first.


Make sure you get this week’s workout done before the big day & I hope to see you again soon with the gang at Icandy.




Final Workout



Round 1 (Warm Up)


  • Loaded Beast x 6
  • Can Opener Flow x 3/3
  • Ape High Five x 3/3
  • Gorilla x 1
  • Hinge W x 6
  • Overhead Squat x 6
  • Walkouts x 3


x 3 Rounds No Rest



Round 2


  • DB Overhead Reverse Lunge x 8/8
  • DB Kneeling Shoulder Press x 8/8
  • Romanian Row x 8/8
  • 1 minute rest
  • Jump Squat x 8
  • Plank Tap x 6/6
  • 1 minute rest


X 3 Rounds



Round 3


  • DB Lateral Lunge x 8/8
  • DB Clean & Press x 8/8
  • DB Suitcase Reverse Lunge x 8/8
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • Hollow Hold x 30 seconds
  • Dead Bug x 6/6
  • 1 Minute Rest


X 3 Rounds



Round 4


  • DB Goblet Squat x 8
  • DB Single Arm Row x 8/8
  • I/Y/T Raise (DB or Bodyweight) x 6/6/6
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • Negative Press Up (-3) x 6
  • Plank x 30 Seconds Straight After Final Press Up
  • 1 Minute Rest


X 3 Rounds

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