Creating a Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe for the On-the-Go Mum

Creating a Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe for the On-the-Go Mum

Creating a Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe for the On-the-Go Mum: Comfort, Style, and Functionality


By Sally-Faye Wallace 


As a mum of two little ones, an 11-month-old baby who is still breastfeeding and a lively 3-year-old toddler, my life is wonderfully busy and full of activity. Balancing motherhood, work-from-home tasks, and an active lifestyle demands a wardrobe that is not only stylish but also functional and comfortable. Enter the capsule wardrobe - a simplified, curated collection of versatile pieces that ensure you always have something practical and chic to wear. 


Here’s a guide to creating a capsule wardrobe tailored to your needs, with an emphasis on all-black outfits perfect for an on-the-go mum. 


Why a Capsule Wardrobe? 


A capsule wardrobe minimises decision fatigue, saves time, and ensures that you always feel put together, even on the busiest days. For a mum constantly on the move, it’s about finding that sweet spot between comfort, practicality, and style. 


Key Pieces for Your Capsule Wardrobe 




Leggings are the cornerstone of a practical mum’s wardrobe. They offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility, crucial when you’re chasing after toddlers or pushing that pushchair around the shops. Look for high-waisted black leggings with a good amount of stretch, I found these great for those early postpartum days where my core felt like it had lost all tone, that additional support made me feel a little less like a deflated balloon. 




For me, my wardrobe feels incomplete without a pair of great fitting jeans. My go-to style - ‘Mom’ jeans. They provide a blend of style and comfort, with their high waist and relaxed fit. They’re perfect for those days when you want a break from leggings but still need something practical for running errands and playing with your kids. 


Cycling Shorts


For warmer months, cycling shorts are the summer equivalent of your favourite leggings. They’re great for active days at the park or casual walks with my iCandy Peach 7 Cerium pushchair. Pair them with longer tops for a comfortable look or layer a crop top and relaxed linen shirt. 


Black T-Shirts


It may not be the most exciting piece of clothing, but it is one of the most versatile. Start with the basics, find a style that suits, a neckline that flatters and a sleeve length that you feel comfortable in A loose-fitting t-shirt is ideal for breastfeeding mums. A relaxed fit makes it easy to nurse discreetly while ensuring you stay comfortable. I like a style with a bit of extra length for added comfort and confidence. 


Summer Dresses


Summer dresses are a fantastic addition to your capsule wardrobe, offering both style and comfort. Wrap dresses or button-down tea dresses are particularly breastfeeding-friendly, allowing easy access while keeping you stylish. Floaty maxi dresses are a lovely breezy option for those warmer days, providing both elegance and comfort. Play with materials such as linen and cotton for a breathable option or choose a stretchy jersey for those days when you need to be on the go. These dresses can be styled with everything from a denim jacket to a blazer, depending on the occasion, ensuring versatility in your wardrobe. 


Linen Shirt


A linen shirt is great for layering over vests and dresses. It provides a little privacy while breastfeeding and adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. I like the contrast of a classic white linen shirt against an all-black outfit.  


Denim Shorts


Denim ‘mom’ shorts offer the same comfort and practicality as mom jeans but are perfect for hotter weather. They’re ideal for active days with the kids, providing both coverage and style. 




A cosy sweatshirt is a must for cooler days or evenings. This versatile piece will go with leggings, jeans, shorts, or can be layered over dresses, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable while looking put together.  




From the nursery drop off to park strolls with the iCandy, a comfortable pair of trainers is essential for any mum on the go. They provide the comfort you need for long days out and about, yet they can elevate your outfit with a touch of sporty chic.  


Accessories: Sunglasses and Caps


Sunglasses and caps have become staples in my wardrobe. They not only protect against the sun but also add a stylish flair to any outfit. These accessories are essential for those mornings when you don’t have time to fix your hair before the nursery drop-off or when you’ve been part of the 2am and 4am club and need a little help covering the eye bags. Choose classic, versatile styles that can be paired with any look in your capsule wardrobe. 


Essential Gear for the On-the-Go Mum 


Alongside your capsule wardrobe, having the right gear can make all the difference in managing your busy lifestyle. Two indispensable items for me are the iCandy Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium pushchair and the iCandy MiChair. 


iCandy Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium  

The iCandy Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium pushchair is a stylish black and therefore a perfect match for your all-black capsule wardrobe! It's sleek, sophisticated, and incredibly functional. Whether you’re navigating city streets or enjoying a walk in the park, this pushchair ensures your baby is comfortable and secure. Its versatile design and practical features make it an ideal choice. 


iCandy MiChair  


The iCandy MiChair is a fantastic addition to your home environment. The fashionable design complements any interior, and it’s perfect for feeding your baby while keeping them comfortable and safe. The iCandy MiChair consists of practical features alongside a chic appearance, making it an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates both functionality and style.  

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