A Guide to Preparing your iCandy Pushchair for Winter Strolls

A Guide to Preparing your iCandy Pushchair for Winter Strolls

Throughout the cold winter months, it's important to take extra care of your iCandy pushchair to guarantee safe and enjoyable winter walks for both you and your little one. Keep reading for our top tips on how to winterise your pushchair! 


Safety First: Check the Harness 


With icy pathways posing possible risks, ensure your iCandy pushchair harness is in excellent condition and correctly fitted. A secure harness acts as your first line of defence against potential accidents, keeping your little one snug and safe during winter walks. 


How to Keep your iCandy Pushchair Pristine  


Prevent winter wear and tear by thoroughly cleaning your pushchair before the season arrives and throughout the coldest months. Focus on removing mud and moisture, with particular attention to the wheels. If your iCandy pushchair, such as the iCandy Core, has detachable wheels take advantage of this amazing feature for easier cleaning. Refer to your iCandy pushchair manual for specific guidance on wheel removal and cleaning techniques. 


When confronted with pushchair wheels covered in wet mud, we’d advise using a hose or pressure washer to remove the worst of it. After removing the mud, create a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid, and use a soft-bristled brush to vigorously clean the wheels. 


Afterwards, allow the cleaned wheels to air-dry before reattaching them to the pushchair. Before using, be sure to thoroughly inspect your pushchair to ensure that the wheels are reattached and functioning properly. 


By following these simple steps, you can maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your pushchair wheels, for a smooth and hassle-free experience. 


Weather Repellent Materials 


Opting for a pushchair  that boasts water-repellent elements, such as an iCandy, shields your child from sudden rain or snow, ensuring a snug and pleasant journey. Every iCandy pushchair includes an adaptable, multi-functional water-repellent canopy with SPF50+ for optimal protection.  


Protecting from the Winter Sun 


The winter sun, when low in the sky, can be dazzling, posing a challenge not only for drivers but also for your child. Make sure to extend the iCandy pushchair canopy hood to shield their eyes from the sun's glare. This simple trick ensures that your little one can enjoy the winter scenery without being dazzled. Additionally, consider utilising the luxury iCandy pushchair accessories like the iCandy Parasol or iCandy Sunscreen during the winter months for optimal protection. 


Enhanced Features for Low Light 


As daylight hours shorten, winter strolls often extend into the evening. The iCandy Core features an innovative LED Visibility Hub Light, making it perfect for low light conditions. This additional safety feature helps ensure that you and your little one remain visible to motorists and others during wintry nights.  


Invest in a Footmuff 


Ensure your child stays warm with a luxurious iCandy Footmuff, designed for both functionality and style. These gorgeous accessories offer extra insulation, keeping your little one cosy and comfy in the cold. 


Raincover for Rainy Days 


Don't let rainy days keep you indoors. iCandy pushchair bundles include a raincover, allowing your child to enjoy the surroundings without compromising comfort. The clear cover enables your child to appreciate the surroundings without sacrificing their comfort. Use the raincover only during rainy conditions and to allow it to air dry before storage. 


Hand Mitts for Pusher 


While your baby is tucked into an iCandy Footmuff, don't forget about your own comfort. Consider adding hand mitts to your pushchair. Mamas & Papas offer hand mitts that attach easily to your iCandy pushchair handlebar, keeping your hands warm and protected during chilly walks. 


Winterising your pushchair is the best way to embrace the beauty of winter safely. From maintaining cleanliness to adding essential accessories, these steps will make your winter strolls worry-free. Bundle up, prepare your pushchair, and confidently embrace the winter wonderland with your little one.  

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