A Family Pancake Extravaganza with iCandy

A Family Pancake Extravaganza with iCandy

It’s Pancake Day and families are gearing up for a delightful culinary adventure!  


At iCandy, we believe in creating memorable moments, and what better way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday than with a quick and simple baby friendly pancake recipe that will leave your taste buds dancing?  


Join us as we share a delicious pancake recipe perfect for families and discover how the iCandy MiChair adds a touch of comfort and style to your pancake-flipping festivities. 


Baby Banana Pancake Bites: (@theweaninggp): Baby breakfast or toddler snack 


3 ingredients


Egg free, can be dairy free 


  • 1 banana 
  • 60g plain flour 
  • 120ml milk of choice 
  • Smooth peanut butter (optional) 


  • Cut 1 ripe banana into thin slices. 
  • Use a straw to remove the centre of each banana slice and fill with peanut butter – Top tip – use a syringe. (This step is optional - you can just spread peanut butter or topping of choice on the banana slices) 
  • Whisk 60g of flour with 120ml of milk of choice. 
  • Dip banana slice in the batter. 
  • Lightly fry in unsalted butter/olive oil on both sides until cooked. 
  • Optional toppings - Top with peanut butter (thinned out with water/olive oil to reduce the choking risk) or fresh berries. 

Suitable from 9months+ and a great way to practice pincer grip 


Ready in 15 mins 


Can be frozen for up to 1 month 

❗️ Contains allergens - peanut butter, dairy if using cow's milk 


iCandy MiChair: A Stylish Seat for Little Sous Chefs 


While flipping pancakes, ensure your little ones are part of the fun with the iCandy MiChair. This versatile highchair features five seating solutions and effortlessly transforms into a stylish toddler chair, allowing your child to be at the perfect height for mixing and pouring. The iCandy MiChair’s ergonomic design ensures comfort, while its sleek aesthetic adds a touch of modernity to your beautiful kitchen. 


Here's to a delicious and delightful Shrove Tuesday celebration! 


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