Introducing the iCandy 2018 Collection

Introducing the iCandy 2018 Collection

It is the biggest trade event of the year for iCandy as Kind + Jugend in Koln begins this Thursday. For 2017, the festivities begin early as we have an exciting product launch schedule to get through before the event even commences.

Starting with a world exclusive collaboration with a well-known automotive company, the week will take us from England, to France, before settling down in Koln Germany.  Kind Und Jugend is expected to attract more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe and over 20,000 trade visitors from 110 countries. We didn’t want to leave the iCandy family out of the loop, this page will be an opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and provide snippets of information on what to expect from the iCandy brand as we move into 2018. Full details on all products will be released at a later date.

This page will be updated daily throughout the show with information regarding the latest additions to the iCandy range, be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for breaking news and the latest product information.

Tuesday 12th September 2:49pm: Built to Explore- The iCandy for Landrover Peach All Terrain Special Edition Pushchair

iCandy for Land Rover pushchair

What a way to kick-start the biggest week of the year- an all mighty announcement to ramp up the excitement levels for Kind Und Jugend 2018.

Over the last two years, following many briefings, creative pitches, and painstaking research, we have combined with Jaguar Land Rover in an effort to create a true homage to one another’s Great British heritage. Land Rover’s knowledge of the motor industry, coupled with the pushchair excellence of iCandy; has resulted in both brands seamlessly uniting to forge the ultimate off road experience. The Special Edition Peach All-Terrain will feature four wheels, a clear and intended tribute to the exceptional four wheel legacy of Land Rover. All details of this one off pushchair have been meticulously considered, with nothing left to chance. The intricacies of this endeavour even extend to the hood fabrics of the pushchair, with the iconic grille pattern synonymous with the Land Rover brand, being incorporated into the design of the hood, helping produce an eye catching fashion statement. Meanwhile, the elaborate seat stitching within the pushchair coordinates with the very same seat embroidery found in the most desirable of Land Rover vehicles. In addition to the pushchair, a one of a kind ruck sack has been fashioned to compliment the Peach All-Terrain, the rucksack slides gracefully into the generous pushchair basket, meaning all belongings are easily accessible. The footmuff and seat liner are also inspired by iconic Land Rover design, with attention to detail never being understated.

With innovation and quality of paramount importance to both brands, this is a collaboration which from conception to completion has proved extremely exciting and difficult to keep concealed from our iCandy family. Land Rover is Britain’s biggest luxury export, it has been an honour to collaborate alongside them, the coming together of two brands which have long been recognised as leading examples of British Industry. Both iCandy and Land Rover have attained the highest honour British business can receive in the form of a Queen’s Award, and we hope this collaboration will further promote great British design around the world.

Wednesday 8:30am: Own the City: The iCandy Raspberry

The iCandy Raspberry

The show officially starts tomorrow, but yet another launch takes place today, this time in the amazing setting of Paris. The iCandy Raspberry is today being showcased to a number of French journalists in the heart of France. Our iCandy Raspberry first launched in 2014. It catered towards those parents living in urban surroundings. We introduced the Raspberry as the quick, lightweight and agile stroller of the iCandy family. Hopping on and off buses, cars and the underground, the Raspberry was designed to own the city, proving a resounding success; winning a Red Dot Design award in the process. Beautifully crafted and displaying instantly recognisable iCandy curves, the Raspberry offered parents the opportunity to mix and match their fabric colours thanks to the use of flavour packs. Forming part of the much anticipated 2018 collection, the undisputed lightweight pushchair from the iCandy range has been meticulously refined, fresh for the new generation. The tagline for the new Raspberry is Own The City, its mandate is to transform city living for parents around the world.

One noticeable change to the Raspberry for fans of the previous pushchair is the inclusion of a carrycot. The carrycot, like all iCandy carrycots, is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping. Furthermore, a bumper bar is now included with the carrycot, further boosting the safety and security of the pushchair.  In an effort to further modernise the iCandy Raspberry, the fabrics have received a complete overhaul, utilising a thoughtfully considered honeycomb weave, giving the impression of a two tone look. The fabrics for the new pushchair are also much denser than the previous fabric, resulting in a far more premium looking pushchair. Moreover, the Raspberry now offers an extendable canopy which is SPF 50, and includes a meshed vent for increased ventilation for baby, and a sun peak.

As a result of feedback from parents, the seat unit has been crafted with deeper comfort in mind for baby, with carefully quilted touches bringing a new level of luxury to the stroller. The interior of the seat unit has been crafted using symmetrical lines, it is also offers a much deeper seat unit than its peers. A handy storage pocket on the back of the seat helps ensure valuable items always remain close to hand. The iCandy branding on the stroller has also been reduced, lending a more sophisticated and clean look to the pushchair, a design decision which has been implemented across the entire iCandy range. Meanwhile, the brand new Duo-Pod multi climate system means parents have both a footmuff and seat liner in one. The liner is fully reversible, with a fleece side for winter, and a lighter side for summer. Meanwhile, the liner has an additional piece of fabric, which simply attaches using zips to create a footmuff for the colder months. Efforts have been made to ensure the smooth ride and independent suspension isn’t disturbed by any unnecessary noise, particular care has been taken to ensure there is no disruption to the family experience. The harness size of the pushchair has also been increased, catering for larger babies. The pleasant pushchair design is finished by the inclusion of an ergonomic soft touch leatherette handle and carrycot bumper bar, which provides an instantly gratifying experience for parents when using their iCandy Raspberry.

Every care and consideration has been taken in refining the popular Raspberry pushchair. The stroller will be launching in Paris, before traveling to Koln, and then home to London. Aesthetically, the Raspberry also boasts two brand new chassis finish’s named Moonrock and Chrome, which are destined to turn heads and receive envious glances. The 2018 collection fabrics are inspired by iconic London locales, and are as follows… Bloomsbury Black, Saville Row Sand, Kings Road Khaki, Piccadilly Pink & Greenwich Grey.

Thursday 8:26am: The Icon. Re-Imagined: The iCandy Peach 2018

The iCandy Peach

Many suspected the announcement of our collaboration with Land Rover would be the huge news to come from our 2018 collection. However, the iCandy stand is now open for the first day of Kind Und Jugend we have incredible news to kick-start the festivities. We are delighted to introduce everyone to the new iCandy Peach, our flagship pushchair which has been re-imagined for 2018.

Evolution is a pertinent theme for the iCandy brand in 2017, we believe in always innovating, constantly shattering industry expectations, the mission statement is always clear; accurately develop the definitive luxury pushchair. After a long and considered design process, the iCandy Peach finally arrived in 2009, looking and feeling unlike anything else on the market. With each passing generation, the latest model must always echo the same instantly recognisable iCandy DNA of the Peach pushchair legacy. However, it must also build upon its predecessor’s success, and further challenge industry stereotypes. The Peach has since evolved to become our flagship model, it is the choice for various A-list celebrities such as David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson, and Bradley Cooper. The new Peach has been carefully considered, with everything parents love about the existing range infused with even more style, functionality and creative ingenuity. Inspired by feedback from parents around the world, the new Peach is truly; The Icon- Re-imagined. Exuding wonderfully minimalistic and discreet branding, the utmost care and respect has been taken to create a deliriously comfortable ride for baby. Quality, innovation and safety form the core principles of the iCandy brand, and the new Peach delivers a ride and experience unlike anything else. P.U puncture proof tyres delicately caress the streets and pavements, offering extraordinary comfort for baby. Aesthetically, the new Peach has been designed with the purpose of possessing a sleek and clean finish, with flamboyant pops of colour introduced throughout the DNA of the pushchair, which is a reflection of current catwalk trends. These pops of colour can be observed within the finer details of the stroller, such as the satisfying embossed zips, with every touch upon the pushchair immediately gratifying. No minor detail has been neglected in this creative process, one which represents the next phase of evolution in the heritage of the iconic iCandy Peach.

The rich textures of the pushchair are immediately apparent, with a clear dedication to care and craft complementing the world famous striking silhouette of the Peach. The fabric details showcase a visually engaging ‘cut and sew’ design, enhancing not only the stunning visual aesthetics, but also accentuating the distinctive yet intricate craftsmanship that goes into every element of the design. Furthermore, the new Peach utilises an intelligent palette of colours, experimenting with the use of lighter shades in the interior of the seat unit, which is juxtaposed with the darker tones used on the exterior of the pushchair. Similar to the seat unit, the carrycot fabrics have been constructed to appear clean and minimalistic, offering ultimate comfort for baby and exhibiting the distinctive ‘cut and sew’ design.

What’s more, parents will no longer be required to purchase a separate carrycot, the fabrics used for the carrycot and seat unit now share the same frame. This means once baby grows out of the carrycot, the fabrics can be stripped away from the carrycot frame using an innovative “zip in, zip out” design, transforming the carrycot into the seat unit. Along with the aforementioned changes to the seat unit, the carrycot has also been made larger, whilst the iCandy Peach will now be able to support two large carrycots on the one chassis when being used in double mode. This has long been a common request from parents around the world, and we are delighted to announce that we have now managed to successfully safety test the use of two large carrycots on the one frame. Therefore, parents will no longer need to purchase a separate blossom carrycot for their stroller should they require an upgrade to a double stroller, once more eliminating an extra expense and saving storage space. Another innovative addition to the iCandy Peach range is the creation of the multi-climate comfort system- the Duo Pod. In an effort to prevent parents from having to buy a plethora of accessories, the Duo-Pod means parents have both a footmuff and seat liner in one. The liner is fully reversible, with a fleece side for winter, and a smoother side for summer. Meanwhile, the liner has an additional piece of fabric, which simply attaches to the seat liner using zips to create the footmuff for the colder months.  Simply upgrading the aesthetics of an iCandy pushchair is never an option, every generation has to offer innovation, and provide game-changing functionality. No stone has been left unturned in a quest to deliver parents the definitive luxury parenting experience. The pursuit of perfection drives us to constantly modernise, and challenge ourselves to reach new heights. The ride for baby has to be smooth, the style has to be unrivalled, and the quality has to be unmistakeably iCandy. The changes to the new model are a direct result of the feedback from the people who matter most, the parents who use our products. The improvements do not end there, the shopping basket is also much larger; increasing by a further 5kgs, providing parents with a total of 10kgs to use within the basket. What’s more, an ingenious carry bag has been added to the basket, slotting seamlessly into the existing design, and then being removable for use as a satchel, ideal for emptying the basket and going to the shops. In an attempt to further boost the functionality of the Peach pushchair, the iCandy auto lock has also been added to the stroller, meaning the pushchair will lock automatically as it’s folded, the perfect complement to the famous one hand fold of the Peach. Moreover, a swivel bumper bar which proved such an inspired and simple addition to the iCandy Orange, is now included on the Peach pushchair. Further improvements to note centre around the new four position one hand recline system, which is located on the back of the seat unit, whilst the brake is now purposefully located off centre, making it simple to access when using the pushchair in double mode. Finally, our ‘cinema seating’, which revolutionised the perception of a tandem pushchair, will also be an available configuration on the Peach. This means a parent can maintain all important eye contact with both of their children in double mode, reversing the seats also makes it possible to put children into any desired position, parent facing and world facing.

The Icon. Re-Imagined, a fitting description for our brand new iCandy Peach. With over 60 improvements to the current model, the new Peach sets an entire new standard in the luxury pushchair market. An all-encompassing pushchair for supreme functionality, a beacon of beautifully British style, the new iCandy Peach represents the pinnacle of design excellence and style prowess. The Peach will be available in four distinctive colourways and chassis options. Dove Grey, Beluga, Indigo and Damson will form the basis of the 2018 Peach collection, whilst the three chassis options will be chrome with a latte leatherette, Phantom with black leatherette, and Satin with black leatherette. The Peach has long been the champion for fashion conscious parents, and a brand new chassis colour joins the range for 2018, one which pays homage to the iconic iCandy chrome finish. It was the high chrome finish which first made the iCandy Peach stand out from the crowd almost a decade ago. The new chassis colour is named Phantom, displaying a delicious dark matte grey, one which is sure to turn heads and receive many envious glances.

Friday 15th September 8:30am: Fashion Forward Fabrics

With such noteworthy innovations to date, we haven’t forgotten about the little details which make the iCandy brand stand out, our attention to detail is always of paramount importance. Today we share the inspiration behind recent fabric upgrades to our popular range of accessories.

MiChair Colour and Fabric Refresh:

The iCandy MiChair, an extremely popular member of the iCandy family, has been treated to a fabrics overhaul for 2018. The new soft touch fabrics are weaved using warp and weft yarns of two colours. The use of shot fabrics gives the comfort pack a two tone appearance, and provides the MiChair with a further enhanced premium finish. Meanwhile, iCandy’s trademark attention to details is of paramount importance, with intricate detailing to the comfort pack, which has been constructed to offer even more luxury. With four desirable new colourways to choose from, Russet, Pearl, Marine, and Flint, the iCandy MiChair will continue to prove an inspired addition to family meal times.

Friday 15th September 11:35am: Peach All-Terrain Conversion Kit

The ingenious Peach All Terrain Conversion kit transforms the current three wheeled All Terrain into an all-conquering four wheeled pushchair, ideal for challenging environments. The conversion kit features a brand new wheel design, creating synergy with the rest of the iCandy range, but displaying a more robust appearance.  The conversion kit boasts large 8.8 inch puncture resistant ‘air feel’ tyres, which offer a hard wearing PU outer layer, combined with a softer EVA core. The tyre tread has been inspired by the profile of the spokes on the new wheels which are more pronounced for better traction. The independent suspension ensures a smooth, comfortable ride, which is complimented by front swivel wheels, which are essential for All-Terrain performance. The front wheels can also be locked to create a fixed wheel base.

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