Back to the Future Day

Back to the Future Day

“Great Scott” is the famous line in the iconic film franchise, “Back to the Future.”


Thirty years ago, the first Back to the Future film hurtled into cinemas, immediately captivating the world, having a profound impact on popular culture. To this day, the film franchise is still much loved by children and adults alike. What’s more, with today’s date being the 21st of October 2015, it is officially Back to the Future day!


That’s right, today marks the day where Marty Mcfly, played by the much loved actor Michael J Fox, travels into the future to save his family. The film managed to inspire an entire generation – With many of its pioneering elements still referenced in today’s popular culture, we take a look at Robert Zemeckis alternative reality. For a bit of fun, we decided to look at how the film still has a huge significance on today’s kids and what the future may hold for the next generation…


When asking members of the iCandy team about the film, two iconic inventions from the movie spring to mind. Firstly, every child growing up who has seen the film has always been amazed by the hover board, the astonishing hover board is an invention that continues to be demanded by kids, and middle aged people alike. Now in 2015, this invention hasn’t quite managed to find its way to the mainstream public… yet, but we still have our fingers crossed that it won’t be too far away. Many companies are now trying to develop such an invention, with Lexus recently releasing footage of their attempt. After all, if we can land a spaceship on an Asteroid, how hard can it be to create a hover board?


Secondly, the self-lacing Nike shoes are still talked about and demanded from the American giants today. Nike have released non self-lacing Hyperdunks over the years which have fetched up to $4,000 per pair in auction! There is a great demand for these particular shoes. Indeed, the sports giant, Nike earlier this year confirmed that due to popular demand, they would be looking to release these shoes at some point this year; once more demonstrating how much of a cultural phenomenon the film still remains, managing to drive a marketing campaign thirty years after its original theatrical release.  Many more marketing campaigns have taken shape in recent weeks, taking advantage of this iconic date and the love the franchise still enjoys from the public. Pepsi are releasing limited supplies of “Pepsi Perfect” as portrayed in the film, also car giant, Ford have pranked consumers by offering Flux Capacitors on some of their Fiesta range. It is this enduring love for the franchise which means the film continue to enchant today. There is a great mutual fondness for the trilogy over three generations, watch as your child is mesmerised by the humour and inventions scattered throughout the film.


With the films future effective in foreseeing the advancement of devices similar to tablets, along with an obsession about movie sequels and 3D technology – Similar to the Jaws 19 as advertised in the film’s alternative reality.


However, the film also got an awful lot wrong, when it was released the Internet was still in its infancy, think flying cars, the awful two tie fashion, fax machines being prominent in day to day life…who faxes anymore?


It begs the question, what will the next 30 years hold for the kids of tomorrow, the technological leap from 1985 to 2015 has been quite incredible, perhaps hover boards will exist in 2045… what would you like to see in the future?


How will child care develop, new science constantly revolutionises what we thought to be correct on almost a yearly basis, the approach to parenting has changed somewhat in the time since Back To the Future first hit the big screens in 1985. In recent years, long held beliefs that babies were born with no bacteria due to the Placenta has been challenged, with science constantly challenging conventional wisdom.


And what of our brand iCandy, how will we evolve with the inevitable technological changes, will our approach to constructing luxury pushchairs change at all, will pushchairs even have wheels?


The iCandy Hoverchair' potentially coming to Stores Christmas 2045


Potentially, the Peach of 2045 could drastically differ to the current generation, our puncture proof tyres may have been made redundant by a demand for ‘iCandy Hoverchairs’. Perhaps the Raspberry will feature an iCandy ‘powerfold’ button which will quickly fold the pushchair for you. One thing for sure is that whatever the future holds, iCandy will continue to stand by its traditions of being a proud British brand and delivering exceptional on trend products. Whatever the technological advances may be, rest assured that we will be doing our utmost to drive innovation and lead the positive changes within the industry. What’s more, iCandy will have celebrated its 100th birthday in 2033, quite the achievement. If the 80th celebrations are anything to go by, it promises to be a huge party. Such longevity is a testament to our ability to adapt to the changing times and technology which each new decades ushers in.


Over the coming decades we hope that parents will continue to place their trust in our brand; we promise to deliver exceptional pushchairs, along with a commitment to family values and outstanding customer service.


The Actor Michael J Fox was sadly diagnosed with Parkinson’s shortly after filming of the third movie had concluded, he has since dedicated his life to combating the disease through various charity endeavours and hopes to find a cure in our lifetime. 


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