Give your iCandy Pushchair Some Love

Give your iCandy Pushchair Some Love

That all-important walk of the day is a lifeline for many of us at the moment, a chance to get some fresh air and some exercise in one hit. Your iCandy pushchair may be clocking up some extra miles as a result, so we’ve put together some top tips for carrying out effective pushchair maintenance at home.

Pushchair maintenance

  • It’s important to regularly inspect the locking devices, brakes, harness assembly, catches, seat adjusters, joints and fixings to ensure they are secure and in full working order. Remember to remove baby before carrying out any pushchair health checks!
  • Should any parts of your iCandy pushchair become stiff or difficult to operate, check that dirt isn’t the cause. Then try a light application of a sprayable lubricant e.g. silicon spray, ensuring that the lubricant goes between the components, but take care as excessive application may encourage more dirt to build up. Regular light lubrication of moving parts will extend the life of your pushchair and make opening and folding easier.
  • Do not leave your iCandy pushchair in sunlight for prolonged periods as the colour of some fabrics may fade.
  • Store the pushchair in a dry, well ventilated and safe place.
  • The plastic and metal parts of the pushchair may be sponged clean with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Check and follow all wash care labels for fabric items.
  • Never clean with abrasive, ammonia or bleach-based and spirit-type cleaners.
  • Allow all parts to dry thoroughly before storing.
  • After exposure to wet or damp conditions, leave the pushchair fully opened in a warm, well-ventilated environment. Dry it off with a soft, lint free and absorbent cloth. Any moisture that is not allowed to dry off  may encourage mildew or rust to form, damaging the pushchair.

You can also find further pushchair cleaning tips in our comprehensive pram guide.

As soon as we can offer iCandy iService and iMOT again, once government restrictions are lifted, we will be sure to let you know.  Whether you are using your iCandy for a second or third child, have inherited your iCandy from a friend of family member or maybe you’ve purchased it second hand, a full pushchair MOT will provide complete peace of mind.


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